Badminton Europe´s development goal is to assist its Member Associations (MA´s) to increase their membership and to strengthen them.

On top of that, BEC assists MA´s to generate more registered players and provides tools helping the MA´s to achieve this goal.

Besides its major events, such as various European Championships, BEC organises a wide range of development activities, which take place throughout the whole year. Every July Badminton Europe organises its popular project for players and coaches from all over Europe, the BEC Summer School.

BEC offers partnership and sponsorship opportunities in these activities. If you are interested in becoming the title partner, official supplier or you would like to advertise your company at one or more of these events, BEC is ready to supply you with the suitable platforms for multiple exposure possibilities. 

To view videos from the previous BEC Summer Schools, click on the links below:

2018 - Podcetrtek, Slovenia
           Day 1 & 2 
           Day 3 & 4 
2017 - Podcetrtek, Slovenia
2016 - Podcetrtek, Slovenia  
2015 - Podcetrtek, Slovenia 
2014 - Vejen, Denmark 

Pictures of the previous BEC Summer Schools on Facebook can be viewed here.

Articles and daily summaries of the previous BEC Summer Schools can be viewed here.

For more detailed information about the activities, click on the links below.

·       Coach Education 
·       Future Stars 
·       Members Forum 
·       Regional Projects 
·       Shuttle Time 
·       Summer School