BEC Shadow Programme

The Shadow Program provides an opportunity for MAs to send an employee or retiring (or recently retired) player to BEC activities like European Championships, Coach Education/Shuttle Time Courses or the Summer School to shadow the work of key members of BEC Staff at those activities.

BEC will advertise for the Shadow Program 3 months in advance of the start date. MA’s will nominate an individual for the Shadowing Position. BEC is only able to receive up to a maximum of one individual per Shadow Program. If more than one application is received, BEC will make a thorough review of the applications and decide which MA will be awarded the Shadow Position taking into account the overriding objective of BASIS. The MAs that are unsuccessful on that occasion are encouraged to apply for the next Shadow Program. Shadow Positions will be awarded a minimum of 1 month before the Shadow Program start date.

BEC will cover:
- the flight ticket for the participant; 
- accommodation and food for the participant during the Shadow Programme.

The individual will shadow key members of BEC staff in carrying out their duties at the BEC event. The individual would have an opportunity to ask questions of that member of staff and to gain direct experience of preparation for and delivery of major events and/or the organisation and administration of badminton specific courses or activities at a European level. It is expected that the skills and knowledge developed during the Shadow Program would, in most cases, be transferrable to events and courses run at a national level.

The selected candidate will be required to attend the final preparations and the venue building up for a selected event, together with the present BEC staff.

The aim is to get acquainted with the work around the selected event. In this connection, please be reminded that BEC will pay for the flight ticket, and for accommodation and food for the selected candidate.


It is of great importance to Badminton Europe that future hosts, and possibly future hosts with less experience, get an opportunity to come onsite and witness the organization of a European Championships, if they will either host a future event or are considering bidding for one.

André Høidebraaten from the Norwegian Badminton Association and Melinda Joo from the Hungarian Badminton Association joined BEC's event team, YONEX and the Serbian organizers during the European Junior Championships in Belgrade (Serbia) where they received first-hand information and experience about what it requires to host a European Championships.

Badminton Europe hopes that the experience was valuable for the two, and hopefully we will soon be able to co-host European Championships in Norway and Hungary.


Good instructors and course leaders are vital for the development of badminton - and knowledge sharing is a great way how to pass on expertise and teach new potential instructors.

A Shadow Programme this year did just that, as Ireland's Craig McCourtney joined the BEC tutors during the BWF/BEC Coach Education Level 1 and Tutor Education Level 1 course in Portugal - with the ultimate goal of becoming an even better instructor himself, and to become an even greater asset to Badminton Europe and European badminton in the years to come.


The first Shadow Programme for this year took place in Liévin, France. Georgiy Natarov and Artem Stasiuk from the Ukrainian Badminton Association took part in a Shadow Programme at the recent European Men’s and Women’s Team Championship in February. For them it was an invaluable process in the lead up to hosting the European Championships in Kyiv next month. Natarov shares his thoughts on the programme.

“It was a great experience to see how a really good team is running the biggest team event in Europe on a high level. From day one we saw good coordination of all the planning inside the venue.”

“We had an opportunity to talk about major events with the organisers and Yonex team which will help us a lot to make good preparation work for us. We learnt a lot from this event.” Stasiuk added.


For 2019, Karyna Zhabbarava from Belarus took part in the Shadow Program at the 2019 European Mixed Team Championships in Copenhagen from 13th-17th February. Karyna Zhabbarava is the European Games Tournament Director. To read about her experience at the European Mixed Team Championships, click here.

Olesia Nikolenko from Ukraine took part in the Shadow Program at the 2019 RSL BEC Summer School in Slovenia from 6th-13th July. To read about her experience at the Summer School, click here .