About Para badminton

History was created and badminton (Para badminton) will have its maiden appearance as a medal sport in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

On this page you will be able to read more about Para badminton in general, the Sport Classes, Classifiers & Classification and to view Badminton Europe's (BEC) Strategic Plan

BEC supports and guides all our 54 Member Associations for the start of this new chapter for our sport.

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Para badminton players compete in singles (men/women), doubles (men/women) and mixed doubles. The rules and regulations for Para badminton are based on standard 'Laws of Badminton' and take into account the specific needs of players' Sport Class.

Players are classified into 'Sport Classes' to ensure fairness in competition. There are 6 Sport Classes in Para badminton.

  • WH1 and WH2 - Wheelchair Sport Classes
  • SL3*, SL4 and SU5* - Standing Sport Classes
  • SH6 - Short Stature Sport Class

SL* - Standing Lower
SU* - Standing Upper

(identifies the area of impairment of the Para-athlete)
BEC Para badminton Strategic Plan

BEC focuses on developing Para badminton among its 54 Member Associations and the 5 areas in the BEC Para badminton Strategic Plan are:

  • Integration on Member Association level
  • Integration in BEC activities
  • European Para Badminton Championships
  • Promotion
  • Education
To view the full Strategic Plan, click here.

To view the BWF Para Badminton Development plan, click here.

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To view the Para badminton kick start document, click on the different versions below:
(This document works only as a guideline. If you need more specific guidance, please write to Tommi Saksa at tommi.saksa@badmintoneurope.com.)
Classifiers are a group of trained officials who evaluate and determine the 'Sport Class' and 'Sport Class Status' of players for a tournament.

There are 5 BWF Certified Classifiers in Europe.

Head of Classification

 Dr. Silvia Albrecht

Level 1 - International Classifier

 Jose Maria Lopez

 Rebecca Bailey

 Nevin Aysel Guzel

 Martin ter Plegt

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Classification is a process of grouping players into their 'Sport Class' in order to have a fair competition level for everyone. 

After this process, the players are allocated a 'Sport Class Status'. 

This status pinpoints when they should be evaluated and how their Sport Class may be challenged. 

To view the Para badminton Classification Regulations,  click here.

The BWF Classifiers and Classification activities are solely managed by the Badminton World Federation (BWF). For more information, click on the respective links below:

Forms for New Players
– International Competition

If a player has not competed at an international tournament before, the player must under-go player evaluation / classification, before they compete at their first international tournament.

The player will enter with a Sport Class Status “New” (N) and he/she must submit the following:
  • Completed Player Medical Information Form (Form 1)
  • Completed Player Evaluation Consent Form (Form 2)
  • Provide the medical records to the BWF four weeks before the international tournament
First time players must complete Forms 1 and 2 before going to their first international tournament. The player will undergo player evaluation / classification by a BWF Classifier before the competition starts.

Player Medical Information Form for all new players must be submitted 4 weeks before the competition starts to the following email address: classification@bwfbadminton.org