To find the latest World Rankings, Players License Number and Players Classification Master list, click here. All these documents are administrated by the Badminton World Federation (BWF).

Classification for New Players – International Competition

If a player has not competed at an international tournament before, the player must under-go player evaluation / classification, before they compete at their first international tournament.

The player will enter with a Sport Class Status “New” (N) and he/she must submit the following:

1.Completed Player Medical Information Form (Form 1) 
2.Completed Player Evaluation Consent Form (Form 2)

Provide the medical records to the BWF four weeks before the international tournament. First time players must complete Forms 1 and 2 before going to their first international tournament. The player will undergo player evaluation / classification by a BWF Classifier before the competition starts.

Player Medical Information Form for all new players must be submitted four weeks before the competition starts to the following email address:

For more information about the Classification Process, click here.

Check the BWF Para badminton Athletes´ Commission here.

To reach out to BEC Para badminton Commission, click here.


BEC Best Para badminton Player of the Year Award

This award recognizes the best player(s) based on their achievements in multiple tournaments throughout the year.

Past awards winners:


Women in Badminton Scholarship - Participation in BWF Para badminton International tournament 

This scholarship is offered to first time competing female Para badminton player.
Scholarship recipient will be chosen based on the following criteria:

Priority One
  • First time competing female para-badminton player from a newly active Member Association which has never taken part in any BWF Para badminton International tournament
  • The player passes the athletes classification process and is awarded the ´Confirmed´ status

Priority Two
  • First time competing female Para badminton player from a current active Member Association
  • The player passes the athletes' Classification Process and is awarded the ´Confirmed´ status
Applicants who fulfill the criteria from ´Priority One´ will be chosen first and followed by applicants from `Priority Two´ if there is still availability. Decision on the successful applicants will be made by the BEC Development Committee.

Please keep in mind that the number of scholarships provided are limited. Therefore it is possible that the number of applications exceeds the number of available scholarships. The BEC Development committee will decide on the scholarship recipients.