Membership Exchange Programme (MEP)

The 2020 BEC BASIS Membership Exchange Programme (MEP) application is closed.

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Below are the relevant documents for the MEP:
Please send in your application and the signed agreement to Tania Teoh, BEC Development & High Performance Manager at  by Friday, 15th May 2020.
BEC BASIS Membership Exchange Programme (MEP) in General


Badminton Europe (BEC) is delighted to introduce a new programme under BASIS – Member Exchange Programme (MEP). The aim of this programme is to enable Member Associations (MAs) to share and learn best practices from each other. BEC aims to organize one MEP annually.

The MEP provides the platform and opportunity to our MAs to exchange knowledge, enhance improvement and extend badminton networks of both the hosting and participating MA. The pilot session was held in Paris, hosted by the French Badminton Association on Tuesday, 22nd October 2019. Topics discussed were High Performance Structure and Sport for All in France.


- To participate
MAs interested to participate should contact the BEC Office to request for specific topic(s) that they would like to gain more knowledge on, from the specific MA(s).

- To host
MAs interested to host is encouraged to inform the BEC Office as to which topic(s) that they would like to share with other MAs.

To get involved, please complete the form(s) below and send BEC Development & High Performance Manager, Tania Teoh at

i)  Application form to participate 
ii) Application form to host 

This process is open all year round but application must be received at least 6 months before the start date of the MEP. For more information, please contact BEC Development & High Performance Manager, Tania Teoh.


The duration of this programme varies, depending on the topic(s) of the session but a minimum of two days´, one night session is required. Participating MAs will receive the following support from BEC for a 2Day/1Night session:

• €250 travel grant
• 1 night accommodation
• 1 lunch 

For the hosting MA, the BEC Support will be discussed and an agreement needs to be signed prior to delivering the MEP.


The MEP will mainly provide the opportunity for MAs to meet with each other and share their knowledge and experiences in the areas discussed during the MEP session. It is expected that this will assist MAs in getting inspiration and start developing in the areas discussed and further develop the relationships between the MAs.

Participants and presenters at the pilot session in Paris.

If you would like to participate or host the Membership Exchange Programme, please contact BEC Development & High Performance Manager, Tania Teoh at