BEC Representative Visit

The Representative Visits provide MAs with an opportunity to receive direct BEC support in the form of a visit (or visits) from a BEC representative to their country. The exact form of the Representative Visit will be agreed between BEC and the MA but it is expected that it will generally involve the sharing of information, knowledge and best practice between BEC and the MA. The Representative Visit will also be an opportunity to further develop the relationship between the MA and the BEC Office staff. The Representative Visits may also involve the delivery of learning material from BEC to the MA.

Representation Visit duration: 2-4 days, to be agreed between BEC and the MA.

MAs may, at any time, apply for a Representative Visit specifying the areas within their Federation where they would like assistance and/or input from BEC.

BEC will make a thorough review of each application it receives and decide whether to appoint an appropriately experienced BEC Office staff member as a Representative to assist the MA in the areas specified in their application taking into account the overriding objective of BASIS.

The Representative Visit will be organised by agreement between BEC and the MA and will be subject to the availability of the appointed BEC Office staff member.

BEC will pay flight costs for the BEC staff attending the Representative Visit.
BEC will pay for learning material to be provided to the MA when needed.
BEC will pay EU500 to the MA to support the following:
- BEC staff accommodation during the Representative Visit
- any logistical expenses and meals during the Representative Visit

The Representative Visit will mainly provide an opportunity for the BEC representative to meet with the key members of the MA and to share their knowledge and experience in the areas specified by the MA and to highlight BEC activities that may assist the MA. It is expected that this will assist the MA in developing its administration and further develop the relationship between BEC and the MA.

During the Representative Visit the BEC representative would also be happy to meet with government officials, NOC or other relevant institutions to better understand the national sporting context in which the MA operates.

The areas where MAs can apply for a Representative Visit are listed below. However, if the area that you are interested in is not listed, please contact BEC Development and High Performance Manager, Tania Teoh at
  • Governance (For improving and updating your Strategic Plan, creating policies, good governance, meeting with sports authorities in your country, etc.)
  • Events Management (For future European Championships host wanna be to learn the know how and discuss on requirements to host a European Championship)
  • Commercial (For sharing ways on how to engage more sponsors, create awareness of badminton, etc.)
  • Communication (For improving all your communication platforms and engage more fans with internal and external communication)
  • General Development Planning (For kick starting Shuttle Time, getting involve with Regional Projects, creating a development plan to increase players, etc.)
  • General High Performance Planning (For creating player pathways from grassroot to podium, getting involve with our Center of Excellence, create high performance plan, etc.)
  • Para badminton (For kick starting Para badminton, assist in increasing Para players, etc.)
  • Gender Equity (For implementing gender equity, increasing female participation in badminton, etc.)

BEC invites Member Associations to apply for the BEC Representative Visit at any time. However, the application must be sent minimum 12 weeks before the actual Representative Visit.

Member Associations must use the BEC Representative Visit application form  and send the completed form to BEC Development and High Performance Manager, Tania Teoh at

Rasmus Bech sharing his knowledge with the Czech national players on the use of social media.