BEC Awards 2016 

Every year Badminton Europe recognizes the achievements of European players and the hard work and enthusiasm of other individuals or projects with the BEC Awards in various categories. Since 2011, Badminton Europe has recognized individuals or projects with the BEC Women in Badminton Award. In 2015, Badminton Europe also introduced an official recognition of coaches and technical officials who significantly contributed with their work and enthusiasm to our sport.

The Player of the Year Award 2016 includes 5 categories:
  •         Best European Male Player of the Year
  •         Best European Female Player of the Year
  •         Best European Young Player of the Year
  •         Best European Senior Player of the Year
  •         Best European Para-Badminton Player of the Year
The list of nominees in these categories has already been published and it is now up to you - our readers and badminton fans - to select the 5 winners by voting online. The voting ends on 23rd February, 12.00 CET and runs simultaneously also on our Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Further on, for the 2016 BEC Awards we are accepting nominations in the following categories:
  •         BEC Women in Badminton Award 2016
  •         BEC Coach of the Year 2016
  •         BEC Technical Official of the Year 2016

Go to Badminton Europe's yearbook to find the full list of award winners throughout the years.


15th February 2017   -   Deadline to send nominations for the BEC Women in Badminton, BEC Coach of the Year and BEC Technical Official of the Year Awards

Please submit your nominations to

23rd February 2017   -   Deadline (12:00 CET) to vote online for your favourite Players of the Year 2016

1st April 2017   -   Announcement of the winners

Award Presentation

The awards will be presented during the 5th BEC Awards Gala Evening on 1st April 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic. The winners will be invited to attend the Awards Gala Evening with flights and accommodation paid by Badminton Europe.

For further information please contact Brian Agerbak, BEC General Secretary at  

Badminton Europe's 50th Anniversary

From March 31st to April 2nd, Badminton Europe will be conducting the Annual Delegate's Meeting. At the Gala Evening on April 1st, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of our confederation. 

Click here to get more information.