EMWTC Day 3 - Who will Advance to the Semi-Final?
Date: 2/16/2024 10:45 AM
Published by : Lukas Aktor
It’s an exciting day 3 in Lódz, Poland at the EMWTC. The teams are fighting for a spot in the Semi-finals and the chance to be crowned Team Champions. 

Here we will take a look at the current standing in the Men's groups. Who is guaranteed to win, who has a chance, and those who have no path forward:

Group 1

In group 1 everything is technically up for grabs, however Denmark is clearly expected to win and get the number 1 spot in the group. When Czechia plays against Germany they will have to play flawlessly and win in a solid fashion to be able to get their spot in the Semi-Finals

Group 2
In group 2 France will face off against Ukraine. Ukraine has 0 points and France has 2, so France is guaranteed through to the next round, while Ukraine has no path forward. The Netherlands and England on the other hand has everything to play for, and their match will decide who will get the number 2 spot and will advance to the Semi-Finals.

Click here to view GROUP 2 standing

Remember, everything can be watched live on We look forward to seeing who will go through to the Semi-Finals!
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