Badminton Spain’s Para-badminton triumph takes flight to 2024!
Date: 1/9/2024 2:14 PM
Published by : Badminton Spain
Get ready for an exhilarating journey through the standout moments of Badminton Spain’s International Para-badminton Training Camp 2023! We're here to celebrate the incredible spirit of determination, unity, and inclusivity that reached new heights at the Rafael del Pino Facilities.
Imagine elite para-badminton athletes from Spain and Portugal teaming up with our talented Spanish players. It wasn't just a camp; it was a vibrant display of international collaboration and sportsmanship. With renowned coaches like Dina Abouzeid and Miguel Angel Polo in the mix, the event was a powerhouse of expertise and skill.
From motivational sparring sessions with conventional badminton players to exploring the realms of psychology and nutrition, this camp aimed to shape holistic individuals, not just athletes.

As the echoes of cheers and camaraderie linger, Badminton Spain is gearing up for an even more triumphant 2024. This isn't just about the Para-Badminton World Championship; it's about unlocking untapped potential and spirit within every athlete.
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