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Wrapping up an exciting chapter
Date: 12/20/2023 2:49 PM
Published by : Mari Carmen Casermeiro (BEC)
The Erasmus+ Sport 2021-2023 ADVANCE Project, a collaborative effort co-funded by the European Union's Erasmus+ Programme, recently brought its enriching coaching journey to an end in a final gathering of project partners.

Kicking off in early 2021 with the Training Needs Analysis, the ADVANCE project has been a source of innovation in Badminton Coaching Education. Three years of collective effort among project partners, including entities like The German Badminton Association, Badminton Scotland, and Badminton Netherlands, as well as educational institutions such as the University of Cyprus and the National University of Physical Education and Sports Bucharest, alongside the International Council for Coaching Excellence, has given rise to a groundbreaking 10-month Coaching Education course. This course is complemented by an upcoming online European Badminton Coaching platform and an instructors' guide, both of which will be freely accessible to the badminton coaching community.

The grand finale unfolded at the Dutch National Sports Centre Papendal in Arnhem on 13 December, serving as the host for the last transnational project meeting. Jacob Oehlenschlaeger, BEC Development & High Performance Senior Manager and ADVANCE Project Manager, gives a recap of the intellectual outputs achieved.

"Looking back at the three years with the ADVANCE project, I´m really pleased with the achievements. We have been through a thorough process to develop an ambitious badminton coaching education which is based on a comprehensive training needs analysis — an analysis that helped us develop an excellent badminton coaching framework which we were able to turn into life described in a detailed Instructors guide. The education was tested through the ten-month ADVANCE Badminton Coaching Education in which 16 coaches took part. An online platform was also developed to support the learning process throughout the education. All in all, I’m really satisfied and thankful to the Partners, the 16 coaches, and the tutors involved in the project. Finally, big thanks to the EU for supporting our project. I can´t wait to get started with the second edition of the ADVANCE Badminton Coaching Education."

As the ADVANCE Project gears up for its next phase, the spotlight falls on the two remaining intellectual outputs in the pipeline — the already mentioned instructors' guide and the online coaching platform. This platform isn't just a resource; it's a hub connecting ADVANCE coaches from the first coaching education course and those in future editions.

Looking back, the hard work of three years has not gone unnoticed. The first edition of ADVANCE not only successfully developed and tested four intellectual outputs but also earned the coveted approval and recognition equivalent to the BWF Level 3.

The excitement doesn't end here. In the upcoming year, ADVANCE is set for a return with its second edition. 16 new coaches will take the relay, embarking on a ten-month coaching education journey, ensuring that the legacy of ADVANCE continues to evolve and shape the future of badminton coaching.

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