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Mathias Boe retires from his impressive career
Date: 4/23/2020 9:05 AM
Published by : Badminton Denmark

39-year-old Mathias Boe has chosen to retire from his title-rich career after 20 years at the National Elite Training Centre at Badminton Denmark. His retirement was scheduled to come after either the Thomas Cup or the Olympics, but mental fatigue has caused the badminton legend to put an end to his career.

For 20 years, Mathias Boe has smashed the shuttlecock in the Brøndby Hall at the National Elite Training Center in Denmark, and for more than a decade he has been a powerful icon in the men's doubles category worldwide. But from today, an era has come to an end. We will no longer see one of the best men’s doubles players in world history.

- After announcing in February that the Thomas Cup or Olympics would be my last tournament, I thought it might give me the motivation to give a hundred per cent over the last few months, but unfortunately, it has had the opposite effect. I have noticed that I have not been there completely. Neither for training nor in matches. I have not had my thoughts in the right place. Mentally, I am simply too exhausted. Throughout my career, I have had the demand of myself that I will do everything I can to become the best badminton player I can become. But I have not been able to do that lately. That is why it is time to stop, says Mathias Boe.

One might also be tempted to interpret that the Coronavirus played into the Danish player’s decision, but that is not the case.

- I made my decision before All England. So thankfully, my career does not end because of the virus. I am relieved because it would have been a strange way to end my career. Anyway, I would never be able to get started again after a month away from the hall. I am no longer as lithe as a panther, and once you have reached my age, something special needs to be done to keep up. I told my coach Jakob Høi and my partner, Mads Conrad, about my decision immediately after All England. I think they were a little surprised, but I also think they both understood my decision, Boe states.

-It is a strange feeling to have stopped. I sometimes think back on some of the great moments and miss them. But I also did that while I was still active, so there is not much difference. Most of all, I am relieved it is over, mentally there's no more stress, Boe adds.

In Badminton Denmark, Mathias Boe is praised for his great career.

- Boe has been one of the biggest profiles of badminton and Danish sports. Carsten Mogensen and Mathias have been Denmark's unconditional best men's doubles in recent times with over 25 high-level tournament wins and medals at all the major badminton championships. It is noteworthy that for more than 10 years he has been able to stay among the absolute world top in men's doubles, Badminton Denmark's Elite and Sporting Director, Jens Meibom, says and continues.

- It is an era that is over, and although it is sad, it is also entirely in Mathias' spirit that he decides to stop himself. On behalf of Danish badminton, I would like to thank Mathias for all the great results he has contributed to Denmark, and for the unforgettable experiences he has given all the Danish badminton fans over time. I wish Mathias all the best of luck in the future.

The wish of good luck is sent back from Mathias Boe, who is looking forward to following his former colleagues in the fight for medals.

- I would like to thank Badminton Denmark, Team Denmark, my coaches over the years, and of course my fantastic colleagues at the training centre that have helped me throughout my long career. I wish everyone the best of luck in the hunt for more titles. It is impressive that in as small a country as Denmark we can have so many world-class players, and I will, of course, continue to follow badminton from the sidelines.

Mathias Boe managed to build-up an unmatched trophy cabinet:

The 2012 Olympics, the 2013 World Championship silver medals and two All England titles (2011 and 2015) stand as some of Mathias Boe's biggest individual achievements, while at the team level he has won a myriad of men's and mixed trophies, not to mention the Thomas Cup in 2016, which on the men's team side is by far the biggest one to win as a badminton player. He has also won silver and bronze medals at the Sudirman Cup.

Mathias Boe achieved the majority of his titles with Carsten Mogensen. However, the Danish duo ended their long spell in 2019, and since then Boe has played with Mads Conrad-Petersen, who at the end of March this year also announced his retirement. The two together won the Russian Open, Canada Open, and Spanish International.

From us at Badminton Europe, we thank you Mathias Boe for what you have done for the sport we love, the great memories and being a superb global ambassador. We wish you the very best of luck in whatever you choose to do in the future. 

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