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Repiska: It was my own choice
Date: 4/7/2020 9:53 AM
Published by : Emilie Sommer (BEC)

At an age of nine, Martina Repiska started to play badminton in her hometown and just three years later she began to play international junior tournaments. 

Repiska has been on the circuit for quite some time now. Asking about how she sees the development and level the past few years, she answers. 

- I feel that through the past years I have developed in all areas; physical, technical, tactical and mental. But I know that I have not reached my top level yet, as there are still many things in my game that can be improved. I am very eager and motivated to work hard on them.    

The Olympic Games is a dream for most players and not any different for the Slovakian women’s singles player. 

- Olympics in Tokyo have been my big goal and dream for the past year. To be completely honest, there hasn´t been a single day that I would have had any doubts. It was my first qualification and from the day one I was prepared to meet the “year of everything”. Right now, I can say that those 12 months have definitely been a crazy rollercoaster ride and one of the most exciting life experiences. At the moment, I am having the last qualifying spot in the ranking, and no matter what decision BWF will make about the qualification process, I will keep fighting and believing, Repiska said. 

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The up and downside

Being a professional badminton player there can be both ups and downs. But luckily for the Slovakian player the badminton career is mostly upside. 

- For me personally, it´s like living in a dream I´ve always imagined. It gives me challenges, life experiences and daily opportunities to constantly create the best version of myself. It´s something I am proud of, she said. 

- I do not see any downside. It was my own choice to become a full-time athlete. Every day I am doing what I enjoy and love to do the most and that´s the most important thing. Of course, I would like to spend more time with family and friends, but I know they are there even if we don´t see each other often, she added. 

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