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Date: 4/23/2013 12:07 PM
Published by : Manuel Røsler
With the 2012/13 season drawing to a close it is human nature to reflect on the season’s highs and lows and inevitably the question of the outstanding players of the season pops up. In terms of women’s singles Spain’s Beatriz Corrales emerged from the shadow of her more illustrious team mate Carolina Marin and proved with wins at Romanian, French and Dutch Internationals that Spanish women’s singles is in an extremely good place and more importantly that Corrales has the game to take on Europe’s best and beat them.

We caught up with Beatriz after her Dutch victory and put a series of 20 questions, some serious and some not so serious, to her about her life, her badminton and her season to date.

The Badminton Stuff

Q1: This season has been remarkable for you with three circuit victories and a handful of runners up spots to match those wins. What has been the secret of your success this year?
A1: I think there is no secret for that, just hard work and good quality on the training to can give the best of me on the competition later. Of course, we are thinking/improving all the time (my coaches and me...) to get the best way to have a good performance on court, this season we changed from the beginning the method, individual work for each player (things I have to improve, my strong skills…), and in my case it’s working a lot.

Q2. Your win at the Dutch International this week has propelled you to the top of the singles ranking on the European circuit. Of your three wins this year season which has been the most rewarding and why?
A2:  All of them have been great for me, every tournament was different. But probably the most rewarding was French International because I had tough matches, most of them three sets and I was able to keep my mind focus in every match with the best end, won this tournament.

Q3: You have had to beat some very good players to achieve your hat trick of season victories but which game/match stands out in your mind as the most difficult and most rewarding en route to these victories and why?
A3: The most difficult was the semifinals at French International against Yuka Kusunose, because almost always Japanese players are very consistent on court with long rallies, you cannot give them advantage on the score with easy mistake… And on this match I played quite good, working hard every point. And the most rewarding was against Petya Nedelcheva last weekend at Dutch Open, because I really respect her, she is a top player, so for me was important the way I played.

Q4: You have had to travel alone a lot to many tournaments this season due to financial restrictions within your federation. This is something you have coped with very well and in a strange way seem to perform better. Has having to think for yourself on court helped you develop and is some ways improve your game?
A4: Probably you are right, the economy situation in Spain is so bad, but I just see this situation as a change, no bad or good than before, just thinking: ok, that’s the situation, now the important point is what I have to do to keep improving, the best way to keep going with that.  And in this case as you say, for me it means new chances to improve and develop by myself on court, and it’s working in a good way.

Q5: Carolina has set the benchmark very high for Spanish ladies singles since her European junior victory in Finland. Many forget that you were runner up in that final two years ago. How important was that European junior final for Spanish badminton and how much did it motivate you to keep working and improving?
A5: People from Spain really enjoyed that final two years ago, and the most important thing for us was this badminton notice was hearing for many people, showing that there are more sports to follow apart of football, basketball or tennis, because here in Spain is quite difficult with the media in some sports..  And for me, it is the past, but of course it meant a lot, knowing that if you are commited with a goal and there is a good quality hard work everything is possible.

Q6: You have proven yourself to be a winner on a consistent basis on the European circuit this season but what is next for you and what would you like to achieve next year and where would you like to be in 5 years’ time?
A6: By the moment Im focus to improve my current ranking, playing International Challengue, some Gran Prix and try to play also some Super Series. I hope this season playing World Championship in China to get experience. Next season there is going to be some important tournaments as European Championship, good challengue to play. And in 5 years, why not thinking in a big way,  with big results. Anyway, I like to live the present, not thinking a lot about the future because who knows where Im going to be in 5 years?

Q7: Spain appears to be producing a good crop of young female badminton players led by you and Carolina but what about the men’s side of the game? Can we expect some good junior boys coming through and what systems are in place in Spain to keep the production line of talent coming through?
A7:  Honestly I don’t know exactly what the problem is or what federetion has to do to get a good level of men, anyway sometimes you also need to look for committed players. In general, I think in the National Centre of Training we have a good quality of practice for singles, good work out in tecnhical/tactical area from our coaches, individual work for each player but at the same time I also think we have a long way to run to improve the level of double players in Spain too. Because it’s very important if we want to be a strong country.. I really hope we can get a good performance on the young players.

Q8: Many players have routines, habits and superstitions when the travel and play badminton. Do you have any individual quirky things you do before a game or special items you carry with you in your bag that must go with you everywhere?
A8: Not at all, I don’t believe in superstitions or this kind of stuff, however I also think sometimes is good to have some habits to help me to be focus on court, for warming up before the match… For example the only one I can remember now is that I use to drink water at the beginning of the game.

Q9: With success comes pressure and being a multiple winner on the circuit marks you out as one of the feared players and a player others want to beat? Are you a person who deals with pressure well and do like being one of the players others want to beat?
A9: In my opinion the pressure you can have is only the pressure you put over yourself, I mean, I see the positive thing on it, if they want to beat me, it’s probably because Im playing well, so I just take the best part.

Q10: Travelling takes a lot of players and you have been all over Europe this season. What are the things you like most about going to tournaments and what things annoy you most?
A10: The things I like is sometimes you can enjoy the tournament with teammates or mates from another countries, no matter where we are from, we share the same sport, and that’s good. On the other hand, I don’t like when I have to wait for long time in airport or in the shuttle transport..

The Beatriz Stuff

Q1: What song is most played on your IPod/Phone at the moment and what are your favourite bands?
A1: Right now for example, Im quite listening these songs: One Way Trigger from the new album of The Strokes and Little Black Submarines - The Black Keys. But they are not my favourite songs, as the same of bands I don’t have a favourite song or band, because there are a big world to enjoy in the music.. I like to listen: The Killers, The Black Keys, Bon Iver, Miles Davis, Tame Impala, some indie bands from Spain…

Q2: What is your favourite sport other than badminton and why?
A2: I really enjoy doing other sports, no matter which one, so I can’t choose only one of them.

Q3: What phone do you currently have and are you a person who texts or calls?
A3:  HTC One S and I am a caller more than texter

Q4: What tension do you string your rackets to and what racket do you currently use?
A4: I string at 12 Kg at that suits my style. My current racket is the FORZA Ti-550 N-Forze

Q5: What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on and off court?
A5: Now I don’t remember anything or maybe I don’t want to remember. Oh, yes when I was younger and I was rookie in Team tournaments with Spanish Selection, the old ones made us doing some stupid but funny stuff.

Q6: If your numbers came up in the lottery and you won 1 million Euro what would you buy and why?
A6: A nice house in a lost island, close to the beach, where I can go with someone of my people to rest when I want or when I need.. and of course to enjoy doing water sports like surfing, diving, bodyboarding…

Q7: When you were a small child what job did you most want to do when you grew up?
A7: No idea, many jobs were in my mind, I used to have a good imagination..

Q8: Like twitter can you describe yourself in under 140 characters?
A8: Badminton Player. Sport lover. Someone who want to learn constantly and like to live new experiences. (Follow Beatriz on twitter @BeaCorrales)

Q9: What junk food do you like the most but have to force yourself not to eat?
A9: Without doubt it is chocolate!

Q10: Finally tell us something about yourself that nobody knows?
A10: When I travel I always bring with me one or two books in my luggage.

(Article by Mark Phelan for Badminton Europe)
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