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Date: 10/14/2016 3:27 PM
Published by : Emma Lollike

Badminton Europe is pleased to announce that our Badminton Manager game is back with a second edition.

Today, badminton fans from all over the world will be able to become a badminton manager and manage their own team through nine exciting rounds.

In 2015, Badminton Europe launched the first virtual badminton manager game. And now we are happy to announce that, today the manager game is back with a second edition.

The first tournaments for Round 1 included in Badminton Manager will be YONEX French Open Superseries, organized October 25-30, and 41st YONEX Hungarian International, organized from October 27-30. 

The very last round and final tournament in the game will be the 2017 European Championships, organized April 25-30.

Concept of the game

As the badminton manager of the game, the user is given an imaginary budget of € 1,000,000 at his or her disposal. The budget is for the user to buy players for a team consisting of two men’s singles players, two women’s singles players, two men’s doubles players, two women’s doubles players and two mixed doubles players, plus a bonus player giving the user a chance to earn extra points. 

The players are actual top players so that you can buy, for example, Carolina Marin and Viktor Axelsen for your team. The team of players will earn or lose points based on how well they perform at international tournaments in real life.

The performances of the selected players are shown as an increase in their respective value, and thereby the team’s value. The intention of the game is to get the team with the highest possible value. 

The game is divided into a total of nine rounds. Within these rounds the managing teams will be locked, so it is important to pay attention to which players are going to play in the coming round’s tournaments. If your players are not playing, they are not able to earn extra value to your team.

Transfers/substitutions are possible until the announced time before the next round starts. Thereafter the teams are “locked” until after the round is completed.

The exact dates for the nine rounds are available in the app – just go to ‘Calendar’ in the left side menu.

A new addition to the game, is that the players are divided into different categories of values; platinum, gold, silver, bronze. Players with the same level of value will be in the same group, the most expensive ones being valued as ‘platinum’ and less expensive in the ‘bronze’ value.

These categorizations provide the manager with a quick overview of the value of the player. 

Primarily, the players and pairs in the app are Europeans, but the top ranked Asian players in each category are also included. 

The manager game is available free of charge in App Store and Google Play for smartphone or tablets. Click on the pictures below and go straight to the stores:

The closing date for the Round 1 is already 24 October 2016.

Now is the time to challenge your coach or double partner to find out who is the ultimate badminton manager.

Let the games begin!

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