Peter R. Jensen presented the new cooperative project in Holbaek (May 2017)
Cooperation is key
Date: 6/29/2017 10:31 AM
Published by : Emma Lollike
When Badminton Europe (BEC) launches the new high-performance centre, Centre of Excellence, on 1 September 2017, it will not be the only badminton institution in the Danish city of Holbaek. Peter R. Jensen is in charge of the local club and badminton college, and is looking forward to getting started.

As the newly assigned Sports Director in the local badminton club ‘Holbæk Badminton Club’ (HBK), Peter R. Jensen, is also responsible for Stenhus Badminton College (SBC) at Stenhus Gymnasium.

At SBC, aspiring badminton talents can maintain a daily high-level training while taking their upper secondary education. Jensen has the primary responsibility for SBC and their cooperation with HBK. The hope is that the cooperation will continue and reach new heights in the future.

“I just started in Holbaek in the beginning of this month, and I have many great ideas that I want to get started with”, Jensen says to Badminton Europe today. “The club and badminton college has a lot to offer, and can provide the new players with sparring and the possibility to play on a team.”

Peter R. Jensen, 47, will be a great asset for the Centre of Excellence and will function as the link between the centre, SBC and HBK. More specifically, he will oversee two training sessions a week at the Centre of Excellence.

A past in New Zealand
Jensen recently returned from New Zealand, where he has been living with his family for 3 years, while working as the national coach in Napier. 

Before working and living abroad, Jensen created the foundation for the club Vendsyssel Elite Badminton (VEB), that recently won bronze in the best Danish badminton league. So, Jensen is used to dealing with some of the best players of Europe.

” After 3 years away from Denmark and Danish Badminton, you suddenly see things in a completely different perspective. We are very fortunate and spoiled here in Denmark, with our badminton system (Clubs), really good and many players in almost all age groups, big badminton know-how, great facilities etc. I believe Danish Badminton/European Badminton can grow even bigger and cooperation IS the key. We are not always willing to help our “neighbour” (club, player, coach, city etc.) because results or prestige are mostly far more important at all levels. 'The more you give, the more you get' – it’s a cliché, but it’s really true”.

A future on Zealand
Badminton Europe have been talking to Jensen since the beginning of the project when he took part in the pre-selection camp in December 2016, in Vejen, Denmark, and during the selection camp in May 2017, in Holbaek, located on the island ‘Zealand’, Denmark.

“In general, the project is very interesting because we never have seen anything like this in Denmark, so of course it woke my interest. We truly hope that the allocation of the centre in Holbaek can build upon the interest in badminton in the region”, he explains. 

Peter R. Jensen and Jeroen van Dijk at the Selection Camp in Holbaek, May 2017.

Centre of Excellence head coach Jeroen van Dijk is pleased that Jensen will be a part of the cooperating forces in Holbaek. 

“One of the reasons why we chose Holbaek in the first place, was that there is a great badminton community in the city to start with. It is a factor that the Centre of Excellence is going to profit by.”, van Dijk states and continues;

“Peter [R. Jensen] has been a part of the project as a coach on the camps leading up to the centre. So, he already knows a lot of the players and what we want to achieve. We really appreciate his contribution so far and look forward to cooperating with Stenhus Badminton College and Holbaek Badminton Club, when we start up in September”.

Likewise, Jensen is ready to do his part in the cooperation. According to him, all the three badminton institutions have an important part to play:
“I can speak for both HBK and Stenhus Badminton College when I say that we are ready to play our part. We have the love for the sport of badminton in common, and we want to be able to provide a world-class environment for young players from the region and, now with the help from Badminton Europe, from the continent, as well”. 

Badminton Europe and the coaching staff are looking forward to welcome all the players in Holbaek on 1 September 2017. Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the Centre of Excellence over the summer. 

Go to Badminton Europe’s website and read more about the Centre of Excellence by clicking here.

We announced the first player to join the centre on 23 June, read who it is here
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