Taking it to the next level
Date: 9/18/2023 2:42 PM
Published by : Mari Carmen Casermeiro (BEC)
Another successful RSL BWF/BEC Fast Track course edition came to an end after seven intense days.

The 13 participants, all experienced badminton former professional players — some of whom have already stopped their player career —, came together in Pécs, Hungary, to take a step further in their coaching journey. Their shared goal was clear: to take their coaching careers to the next level and contribute to the growth of badminton in their respective nations and setups.

From dusk until dawn, the coaches have been kept busy while delving into a wide range of topics — they got to explore technical and tactical performance factors in both singles and doubles, deepened their skills in physical training both on and off the court, and learned the art of observation and analysis. 

The annual plan process, probably one of the most feared topics, was also explored in depth. “The annual plan has been a great takeaway. It is really going to help us with the yearly planning structure. I think it’s really important for a lot of players to learn from the start and then develop from juniors to seniors,” course participant from Croatia Neven Rihtar shared.

However, the RSL BWF/BEC Fast Track course extends far beyond the training hall. The thirteen coaches formed a remarkably cohesive and bounded group that was crucial to maintaining their energy, motivation, and positive atmosphere throughout the week.

“It is extremely fulfilling seeing how they all help each other and enjoy spending their time together. I am really satisfied to witness how these courses not only help people to develop their coaching education but also expand their network and social development,” BEC Development and High Performance Officer Mari Carmen Casermeiro stated.

The tutors of this course, satisfied with the final outcome, cannot wait to see them continuing their journeys.

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