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Clara Azurmendi: I think people talk too much
Date: 5/23/2020 7:21 AM
Published by : BEC staff

When any athlete reaches the pinnacle of their sport, back in their home country a very special but initially invisible thing happens. 

The youth of the country gets inspired by the success and many embark on a journey to emulate it for themselves. For Spain, this was Carolina Marin who gave belief to the nation, and what we have seen is an increase in talent coming through. One key milestone was in 2015 when Spain won the gold at the European Junior Championships mixed team event. 

A key part of this group coming through is Clara Azurmendi, who as a 17-year-old in 2015, also won the European Games bronze. Now 22, she discusses what she is working on to develop further towards the top?

- I think I need to be more consistent in my game to be up there, so I am training for that.

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I am lucky

Upon announcing herself in the way she did, winning a European medal as a teenager, a lot of people were claiming ‘she is the new Carolina Marin’, a common reaction when an exciting talent emerges. Azurmendi explains what it is like to have so many eyes on her and knowing that people expect her to be the next big thing from Spanish badminton?

- I think people talk too much, but yes they sometimes say things like that, but I think all the players are different, and I am lucky having Carolina close to me, so I can learn a lot from her and talk with her so that helps me a lot. She is one of the best players in the world right now so I can learn lots from her, not only as a badminton player but also as a person because of all her experience.

Azurmendi knows too well that she has to keep training hard, especially as one day she may slip into that number one spot in Spain. Commenting on this, she says. 

- I think to achieve all the things that Carolina has won is very difficult, so I will just keep the focus on my training and keep going step by step to improve and grow as a badminton player.

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