Lilit Poghosyan has also fun while working hard! (Photo: Mark Phelan)
When it’s tough it’s also fun
Date: 8/18/2018 10:05 PM
Published by : Mireille van Daal

It’s almost a year since the Centre of Excellence in Holbaek has started. That means a year of many changes, lots of practises, learning moments and also fun. At least, that is if we believe Lilit Poghosyan (Armenia) who is training at the Centre of Excellence from the start.

Recently Poghosyan was in Bulgaria where she competed with the Eurasian Bulgarian Open. Many other CoE players have played this tournament as well; for example Zvonomir Durkinjak (Croatia) reached the semi-final in men’s singles.  

Before this tournament, Poghosyan followed an intense physical program. She had also time to work on her individual focus points.

- We were working on footwork a lot and I am so happy that I am improving on the aspect that I used to hate. So, footwork has become my favourite part in badminton now!

Read more about last week's’ physical program at the Centre of excellence here


Eurasian Bulgarian Open was the ultimate test for Poghosyan to test her new required skills and it it seems the test has succeeded.

- I see the improvement especially after my performances in Eurasia Bulgarian Open this week. This was like a practice tournament for us as we haven't done as much on-court practices, because the goal for the last couple of weeks was a bit different.

- I am really happy that I tried all the things that I had been practicing on for so long and they are finally working!

Read the wrap up of the Eurasian Bulgarian Open here

Keep working hard. 

The next tournament coming up for Poghosyan is the Czech Open at the end of September. Until that time, she keeps on working hard and focused as tournaments are not the only way to test the improvement.

- This week's matches gave me lots of information on what I should focus on now. The goals and the attitude stays the same, I will keep on working hard.

- At the same time keep on living my dream and I believe - the results will come!

Read about other COE- player Ksenia Polikarpova



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