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Coaches getting new tools

Date: 7/10/2018 3:04 PM
Published by : Rasmus Bech(BEC)

The RSL BEC Summer School is not only for the players but also for the coaches, who are getting new know-how on how to practice.

26 coaches from 18 countries are right now part of the RSL BEC Summer School. Anton Ivanov from Russia is one of the coaches who are in Slovenia.

- The conditions here are really good. We have a lot of practice, and that is important to me. This helps me to rethink parts of my training, and I also get new skills, so I can be more challenging in my training back home, Ivanov says.

- I am learning to communicate better, and I also learn a lot of watching other coaches.

Video: RSL BEC Summer School is on

Also useful for Para-Badminton
Anton Ivanov is the national coach of Para-Badminton in Russia, and the tools he gets at the RSL BEC Summer School is also useful for him in his job as Para-Badminton coach.

- Learning more about the structure of the training is very useful. Also, the technical skills are useful, Ivanov says.

Photos: RSL BEC Summer School – Day 2

RSL is official sponsor of the BEC Summer School 2018, and the Russian is looking forward to the upcoming days:

- I hope that I can do a successful delivery and that I can make the training interesting for the kids. Not just here but also back home in Russia. I would like to deliver high level training, Ivanov says.

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Past locations for the RSL BEC Summer School:


2017 Podcetrtek, Slovenia

2016 Podcetrtek, Slovenia

2015 Podcetrtek, Slovenia

2014 Vejen, Denmark

2013 Vejen, Denmark

2012 Otočec, Slovenia

2011 Madrid, Spain

2010 Pressbaum, Austria

2009 Karlskrona, Sweden

2008 Warsaw, Poland

2007 Nymburk, Czech Republic       

2006 Saarbrücken, Germany

2005 Mülheim, Germany

2004 Pressbaum, Austria

2003 Ollerup, Denmark

2002 Ollerup, Denmark

2001 Ollerup, Denmark

2000 Neerpelt, Belgium

1999 Neerpelt, Belgium
1998 Neerpelt, Belgium

1997 Duisburg, Germany

1996 Louvann la Neuve, Belgium

1995 Ollerup, Denmark

1994 Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

1993 Paris, France

1992 Arnhem, Netherlands

1991 Pressbaum, Austria

1990 Santander, Spain

1989 Cetniewo, Poland

1988 Malmö, Sweden

1987 Ribe, Denmark

1986 Basel, Switzerland

1985 Scheessel, F.R.Germany

1984 Ribe, Denmark

1983 Lilleshall, England

1982 Pressbaum, Austria

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