Procedure for education and upgrading of Referees

Badminton Europe (BEC) uses the following procedure in connection with education, assessment and upgrading of referees within Europe.

There shall be a clear progression between the different levels from national level referee to European Continental level through to becoming a BWF referee.

The following procedure is being applied –
  1. A candidate is nominated by a national association to attend a BEC Referee Course. The course will only be organised one time every two years. The course does not offer assessment, it focuses on education. A course was held in connection with the HYLO Open 2022, so a next course is due to be held in 2024.
  2. A referee can only be assessed for BEC Continental Referee level after attending a Badminton Europe Referee Course. The candidate must have attended the course within 36 months of the commencement of the assessment. The candidate will be appointed as a trainee/acting referee and assessed by a member of the BEC referee assessment panel at a BEC Circuit tournament or BEC Event.
  3. A referee can be proposed for a BWF Referee Workshop after being active as a BEC Continental referee for at least 24 months, and either after having done minimum 6 international duties (referee or deputy referee) over the previous 24 months or after having done minimum 8 international duties over the previous 36 months. It is required that communication with Badminton Europe (i.e. work/results in Tournament Planner, referee reports, withdrawal reports, OCI reports, annual record of work and general communication) is in accordance with regulations, deadlines and guidelines in order to be proposed for a BWF Referee Workshop. The proposal is made directly to BWF by Badminton Europe.
A referee can only be assessed once for each BEC Referee Course attended. A referee can be proposed maximum twice for a BWF Referee Workshop.
For BEC and BWF assessment, referees are not assessed if aged 60 or over and the retirement age is 65.
All assessments are carried out by members of the BEC referee assessment panel. The panel’s recommendations for upgrading must be approved by the BEC Board of Directors to be official.
All Badminton Europe referees must complete a Record of Work detailing where they have refereed during the previous year.

Once completed it should be sent to the Badminton Europe office in January (e.g. Jan – Dec 2023 Record of Work should be submitted in Jan 2024).

Referees who have not refereed in the past 12 months (been officiating as referee or deputy referee) are no longer recognised as international referees and will be removed from the list of Badminton Europe referees.