The original minutes from the Confederation foundation meeting held 24 September 1967 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Gisela Hoffmann and Heinz Barge ADM 1986 in Uppsala

Annual Delegates' Meeting 1986 official Dinner in Uppsala, Sweden

Delegates at 1986 ADM dinner in Uppsala (left to right: Monge Dias, Joao Mega and Antonio Crespo)

Delegates at 1986 ADM dinner in Uppsala (Center: Riena de Beer)

Jill Mitchell and Owe Kallestal at 1986 ADM dinner in Uppsala

Frank Wilson in 1986 ADM Uppsala

Jadwiga Slawska-Szalewicz and Stan Mitchell 1986 ADM in Uppsala

Horst Kullnigg (right) at 1986 ADM dinner in Uppsala

Horst Kullnigg (right) at 1986 ADM dinner in Uppsala

Stan Mitchell and Anders Segercrantz at ADM 1986 in Uppsala

Anne Smillie, Torsten Berg and Audrey Kinkead in 1986 ADM

Audrey Kinkead in 1987

Craig Reedie in 1987

Emile ter Metz and Gisela Hoffmann in 1988

Stan Mitchell and Gisela Hoffmann in 1990

Working Group in St. Petersburg 1996 (left to right: Simeon Simeonov,
Puzant Kassabian, Torsten Berg, Joao Matos, Horst Kullnigg, Vladimir
Liftshits, Audrey Kinkead and Derek Batchelor)

1997 ADM in Nymburg, Czech Republic

EBU Council in Nymburg 1997 (left to right: Joao Matos, Frank Wilson,
Vladimir Liftshits, Olaf Fangel, Gisela Hoffmann, Torsten Berg, Audrey
Kinkead, Truls Brekke, Horst Kullnigg and Jadwiga Slawska-Szalewicz)

Torsten Berg signing Gisela Hoffmann's contract
as General Secretary in 1997

Congress of South European National Federation of Badminton in Santa

South Europe Project in Santa Severa in 1990

Torsten Berg and David Evans at EBU's 20th
birthday in Lisburn 1997

Dinner at Anders Segercrantz' house in Helsinki in 1983

Anders Segercrantz (right) and Torsten Berg at 1983 European Junior
Championships in Helsinki

European Championships 1980 in Groningen

EJTC in 1981 presentation

EJTC in 1981 Robert McCough

EJTC 1981 Team Champion Denmark

Heinz Barge, Anders Segercrantz and Antonio Samaranch at 1st Finlandia
Cup in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1984

Istanbul, Turkey 1997

Lauda Air Cup 1996 in Dornbirn, Austria - Gisela Hoffmann, Karen Koh
and Torsten Berg

Les Wright and Alan Campbell

Louis Ross and Pierre Rondel

Malmö in 2002 - Torsten Berg and Stellan Mohlin

Michael Kjeldsen

Men's singles final at European Junior Team Championships in 1981

Torsten Berg and Bohumil Dufek at EJCH 1997

Torsten Berg and Puzant Kassabian (behind)

Anders Segercrantz in 1998

Steve Butler

Thomas and Uber Cup in 1986

Jan Åhrberg and Torsten Berg (right)

Torsten Berg, Joe Benes and Stan Mitchell at Anders Segercrantz' house

Torsten Berg and a young Morten Frost (right)

EBU Council Meeting at Artis Hotel in Vienna in 1997

Frank Wilson, Carol and Joao Matos at Polonia Cup in Spala 1999