Former BEC Presidents


Hans Peter Kunz † (Switzerland)

Mr. H. P. Kunz of Switzerland was elected as the first President of the then called European Badminton Union, and Stellan Mohlin from Sweden and H. Brohl from Germany were added to the small committee of three, to be responsible for the overall general management of affairs of the Union.

1969 - 1977

Stellan Mohlin  (Sweden)

At the second Annual Delegates' Meeting in Voorburg, Netherlands, Mr. Stellan Mohlin from Sweden was elected as new President.

President Stellan Mohlin led EBU from the toddler stage into maturity and left the Union only to move to higher office (IBF). Stellan Mohlin is certainly one of the most important leaders international badminton has ever known. 

1977 - 1982

Herman Valken † (Netherlands)

Drs. Herman Valken (Netherlands) was elected President at the Annual Delegates' Meeting in Malta, following the retirement of Mr.Stellan Mohlin, who had been elected President of the International Badminton Federation in 1976.

1982 - 1984

Dr. Heinz Barge   (Germany)

At the 15th Annual Delegates' Meeting, held in Böblingen, Germany, at the occasion of the 8th European Championships, Dr. Heinz Barge was elected President. The German, who was also the President of the German Federation from 1976 to 1988, was running the then called European Badminton Union for two years. He died in February 2002.

1984 - 1992

Stan Mitchell † (England)

At the 17th Annual Delegates' Meeting in Preston, England with 20 Member Association being represented, Stan Mitchell from England was elected President. The Brite was leading the EBU for 8 years until Badminton became an Olympic sport at the 1992 Games in Barcelona.

1992 - 2004

Torsten Berg

At the 25th Annual Delegates' Meeting in Glasgow, Scotland, the Dane Torsten Berg was elected President of the then called European Badminton Union. Berg is an experienced Referee at the highest international tournament level.

He stepped down from his position in 2004, but is still an active Member and Official at the BWF and BEC.

2004 - 2010

Tom Bacher  (Denmark)

Mr. Tom Bacher, who is an former international top player, took over the presidency from his compatriot Mr. Torsten Berg in 2004 and led Badminton Europe until August 2010 when Poul-Erik Høyer took over at the BEC Annual Delegates's Meeting in Paris.

2010 - 2013

Poul-Erik Høyer (Denmark)

Mr. Poul-Erik Høyer, who won the Olympic Gold Medal in 1996 Atlanta, took over the presidency from his compatriot Mr. Tom Bacher in 2010. Høyer resigned after a three years presidency because he was elected President of the Badminton World Federation BWF in May 2013.

Vice-President Joao Matos took over to lead BEC as Acting President until BEC Annual Delegates' Meeting 2014.


2014 - 2019

Gregory Verpoorten (Belgium)

Mr. Gregory Verpoorten was elected as the 9th Badminton Europe President at the BEC Annual Delegates’ Meeting in 2014 in Dublin, Ireland. He stood unopposed for the election.

Verpoorten was the first Belgian in the history of Badminton Europe to take office. In June 2018 Verpoorten announced that he would not seek re-election at the BEC Annual Delegates’ Meeting in Kiev in 2019.