The Commissions

Following a decision made by the Badminton Europe membership, at the 2021 Annual Delegates' Meeting, a new Commission structure was introduced to focus on identified strategic priority areas of the Confederation.

The five Commissions are:


1. Governance

2. Participation

3. MA Support

4. High Performance

5. Entertainment

Each Commission includes 7-8 members. These can be BEC Vice Presidents, Directors or external experts (from BEC Members). The President, General Secretary, Director for Finance and Athletes’ Representative are ex-officio members of all Commissions.


The Commissions are foreseen to meet twice a year, in March (virtual) and October (physical).


Each Commission will report to the BEC Committees.  


All external Commission members are identified based on a transparent process and based on an invitation for suitable candidates circulated to all Members.


Each of the areas has a dedicated section in the BEC Strategic Plan which serves as the basis for the work of each Commission and helps to determine the terms of reference of the Commissions.