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Humans of Shuttle Time: Parvin Piriyev
Date: 11/4/2021 9:09 AM
Published by : BWF
Meet Parvin Piriyev, a Shuttle Time National Coordinator from Azerbaijan. Find out the excellent work he is involved with and how it all started.

I was a quiet and easy-going person in my childhood. I grew up in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. I used to participate in several activities at school. Socially I was very active and a member of the debating club, but I wasn’t active at sports although I used to play football.

First Experience of Badminton
I was 10 when I first came across badminton. I saw my friends playing badminton in the street after school. I was attracted to it immediately. 

Much later, I received an offer from Azerbaijan Badminton Federation and I now lead the Development team and Shuttle Time Events team while fulfilling my duty as Head of Corporate Communications.

Special Memories
When I first saw my peers playing badminton in the street with wooden rackets, I could not help but watch the shuttlecock with interest. I was impressed with the shuttlecock’s shape and uniqueness. It was not a ball, but it flew and was fast. 

I have a special memory regarding the organisation of the first-ever international badminton tournament in Azerbaijan in 2019. It was a huge responsibility but very interesting. It was a new experience for me to manage an international tournament, communicating with other federations, coaches and players. 

What Makes Badminton Different
Personally, I would say a shuttlecock! It makes badminton attractive because the shuttlecock is unique and belongs only to badminton. Also, badminton can be played by everyone including those with disabilities.

In my community badminton is well-known but not very popular. Thus, it was challenging for me at the beginning. We started a lot of projects, including AirBadminton, to cover a wide range of areas. Day by day, people are getting more interested in this sport.

Spreading Badminton Through Shuttle Time
With my team, we decided to organise Shuttle Time seminars as a tour to reach people in various regions. These seminars are for school teachers only. Nevertheless, they serve to raise awareness among children as well. It is a great opportunity to spread badminton all over the country.

Shuttle Time has already made its impact. After Azerbaijan started with Shuttle Time, all the Caucasus region countries have now adopted it.

Lessons From Shuttle Time
The biggest lesson that I learned is that it is important to work with sports teachers. A lot of talented children might become future stars, so it is very important for us to find them and introduce badminton to them.

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