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Day Four in quotes
Date: 7/27/2021 2:58 PM
Published by : Sara Gonzalez Martinez (BEC)
Here is what the European players said after their fourth day in the Olympics.

Sergey Sirant (ROC) vs Gergely Krausz (HUN) 21-18 21-18

After losing to Sergey Sirant:

- I wanted to win this one. I didn't play my best but I had some really good periods during the game. But when it was really close I made some easy mistakes and against these opponents you cannot afford to do that. I'm disappointed. But I knew he would be a tough opponent. I've played him twice and lost both times in close matches. This is how it is, but I'm satisfied that I could play in the Olympics. - Krausz

On his opponent:

- He's playing a good flat game, and if I go into that I will be struggling. In the beginning I started to play flat and that was good for him. I had to avoid that. - Krausz

Pablo Abian (ESP) vs Raul Must (EST) 21-7 21-11

On win over Raul Must:

- Today I played very confident and was comfortable on court. Raul (Must) wasn’t playing his best; he’s a very good player. But it was important for me to win today and try to fight against Chen Long. - Abian

- I had to be focused and ready for every point. I know that I have prepared well with my coach. Against Chen Long it will be very tough. But I think I will be ready to fight. - Abian

- It was a difficult match and I didn’t feel confident on court today. That was it. I was happy to have qualified for the Olympics and it’s been a hard, difficult year. I would say I’m not the happiest, but I’m not so disappointed either. But the experience was good. - Must

On his preparations:

- Obviously the time before the Olympics stands out. I will remember the lockdowns and the period without tournaments. I felt the Olympics is still the same, just that the previous weeks were so different. - Must

Setyana Mapasa/Gronya Somerville (AUS) vs Maiken Fruergaard/Sara Thygesen (DEN) 21-19 13-21 21-12

On their defeat:

- We got a good start but got a bit nervous wanting to chase a win and ended up throwing away the first game. I don't know what happened. Just low quality on almost every shuttle and not enough movement. 

Cheung Ngan Yi (HKG) vs Ksenia Polikarpova (ISR) 21-12, 15-21, 21-16

On the match:

- It was a tough three games. In the second game, she couldn't adjust to the drift. But once we changed sides, I made some mistakes with my tactics and created too many lifts. - Polikarpova

On her condition:

- In general, my preparation was tough. I had a shoulder operation and I have not recovered. It's tough for me to play high hits and hit down. I don't have power. It's not an excuse though. The operation was one year, two months ago. The recovery is slow. I still need fulltime physiotherapy. Every week, sometimes every day. - Polikarpova

Wendy Chen Hsuan-Yu (AUS) vs Linda Zetchiri (BUL) 21-16, 20-22, 21-8

On dealing with court conditions:

- I couldn't find my game as the conditions were so different between the sides. A lot of drift, it was hard to adapt. - Zetchiri

Lianne Tan (BEL) vs Thet Htar Thuzar (MYA) 21-6 21-8

On her win against Thet Htar Thuzar:

"It was a quick win, am happy with the way I played. I knew she's a good player. She got some quick points so I had to be careful not to lose focus. She's a dangerous player as well. I think she can move quick on court, she's light on her feet. I had to be careful. She has a really nice style, I think. - Tan

On her next opponent:

"I'm feeling very good, and I prepared well. I'm ready for the next match against Gregoria. She's very tough. I've never played her, so I'm looking forward to playing her. She has a pretty style as well. - Tan

Brice Leverdez (FRA) vs Artem Pochtarov (UKR) 21-10 21-8

- I think my opponent was injured. It was a good start for me, so now the clash is with Lee Zii Jia. He's been playing very well lately, so he will be confident. It will be hard match for me. I will be the outsider and he will have the pressure. - Leverdez 

- My preparation has been great. I trained in the mountains. I'm mentally ready. I was there for three weeks. I was following a protocol to get better physically. I feel good now, more energetic. For sure, it's going to be a mental game tomorrow. - Leverdez

Kirsty Gilmour (GBR) vs Mahoor Shahzad (PAK) 21-14 21-14

On her win over Shahzad:

- Every match you need to put full intensity in to, so I was just really happy. Shahzad is a really good player, really good at retrieving things, so I was expecting that element but I think it took me a little while to figure out the wind and air in the hall. Some points I got into a really good flow and I'm happy with how those patches went. - Gilmour

Busanan Ongbamrungphan (THA) vs Kristin Kuuba (EST) 21-16 21-12

On her defeat to Ongbamrungphan:

- I'm not sure if I'm happy with the way I played. I can't be happy because I lost but overall, with the matches I'm happy with how I played. I think I was giving away too many easy mistakes. Busanan was controlling the game more, so I needed to think of extra things all the time to keep up the tempo. - Kuuba

On her opponent:

- I think that she has some really good deception strokes at the net so I needed to be really careful and slice there but I think she played really well and she has a lot of good strokes. - Kuuba

Mayu Matsumoto/Wakana Nagahara (JPN) vs Selena Piek/Cheryl Seinen (NED) 24-22 21-15

On shouting in frustration and marching off the court after missing the crucial point at 23-22 in the first game:

- That sounds like me. That was the moment I scratched Cheryl. I think I had a small chance there and I didn’t take it. I really had the feeling that I threw that one away because my shot was not good enough, which I was very disappointed about, and we ended up losing that set. So, yeah, there could have been a few Dutch naughty words from me. - Piek

On the difference in conditions after switching ends:

- We started out OK in the second, (but) the side difference was actually a lot worse today than on previous days. I knew it was going to be difficult on the other side so I really wish we had taken the first set. Obviously I was frustrated about my own shot there. - Piek

On failing to top the group:

- Maybe it doesn’t really matter that much because all of the other players who are through are really strong, so we will be up for a good fight anyway. - Piek

On having already qualified for the quarterfinals before Tuesday’s match:

- It was a free hit, but I’m happy that we played a really good match. We wanted to have the first set in the pocket and maybe it changed then a little bit. I have a good feeling — I think we both have a good feeling — to play the quarterfinals now instead of after losing badly. - Seinen

Felix Burestedt (SWE) vs Brian Yang (CAN) 21-12 21-17

On his win over Yang (CAN):

- I felt that I was close. I made good decisions, I really wanted to win and sometimes when you get to that point it can be a little hard to focus on your game plan and I think that's what I did. I tried to win the rallies too easy and hit down from the back when I was not in a good position. I made it harder for myself. I think this was a really good experience for me to be here and win a match here is a big thing for me. I will take away a lot of positives and build on that. – Burestedt

On being the sole flagbearer for Sweden in badminton:

- We have all the gang here with all the Swedish athletes so this is the tournament I feel the least lonely in that way. - Burestedt
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