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Jack Wilson: It leaves me up in the air
Date: 5/14/2020 9:50 AM
Published by : Emilie Sommer (BEC)

Jack Wilson, 25, competes in the Standing Upper 5 sport class in Para badminton and is the highest ranked para player in Wales.

Being a badminton player always includes both some ups and some downs. 

- The best thing about being a Para badminton player for me is the chance to do tournaments. Tournaments always feel like a reward for all the hard work done in training to show how far you have progressed. It also makes me very proud to represent Wales at tournaments, Wilson said. 

- The toughest part is dealing with my injury and training. I injured my hip flexor around 2 years ago, and have always been limited by how much work i can put into training. So coronavirus situation has allowed me the chance to rest my hip flexor for probably the first time in 2 years. So hopefully it will fix itself. 

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Before Covid-19

Looking back at the last 12 months before tournaments started to get cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19, the Welsh player see them as very toughtfull

- The last 12 months have been tough but a big learning curve. With Chris Rees becoming national coach at Badminton Wales I've learned a lot from him and seen how hard he expects me to work. He's made me think of the game differently and see it in a different way. 

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The Paralympic qualification

As the Olympic Games the Paralympic Games were postponed until next year Wilson explains how it will affect him. 

- I think it gives everyone another year to work hard, raise their own standards but as long as the inaugural its important that they go ahead for the good of the sport. 

Looking at the Paralympics from a personal point of view, it leaves Wilson a little unclear where he is in the qualification as tournaments were cancelled due to Covid-19.

- The coronavirus situation left me needing a good performance in Spain and with the cancellation of the tournament, it leaves me up in the air on whether I qualified or not. 

- It would mean the world to get to Tokyo, it would be a reward for a lot of hard work that has gone into training over the last few years. It would be a dream opportunity to be there. 

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