Play your part in the future of Para badminton
Date: 4/15/2020 2:03 PM
Published by : BEC Staff

An invitation to participate in the 2020 BEC Para Badminton Event.

Badminton Europe is inviting all Member Associations to apply for the participation at the 2020 BEC Para Badminton Event which aims to give an opportunity to learn about coaching players with different abilities and disabilities, and how to be more inclusive of Para badminton in a knowledge-sharing environment.

The event will consist of the BWF Coaches Manual – Module 13 (Coaching Players with Disabilities) and an administrator´s course to help administrators kick start Para badminton in their countries. 

The event will take place in Portugal, at the Badminton Sports Centre of Caldas da Rainha, a modern and high-quality facility built especially for badminton, gathering all conditions needed to help and improve national and international badminton players. Caldas da Rainha, a UNESCO Creative City, home of many cultural institutions and sports venues, is mainly known for its daily market and rich background in ceramics.

Portugal welcomes participants with open arms as the President of the Portuguese Badminton Federation (PBF), Horácio Bento Gouveia, states.


- The Portuguese Badminton Federation in partnership with Badminton Europe Confederation is thrilled to organise the 2020 BEC Para Badminton Event.

We are looking forward to developing Para badminton amongst BEC’s Member Associations. For those who haven’t experienced Para badminton yet, this is a great chance to do so. We kindly await your visit, wishing you a pleasant stay.

Badminton Europe Vice-President, João Matos, also sends his welcome message to you.

Changed my perspective

The Portugal Para badminton coach, Diogo Silva, attended the 2017 BEC Para Badminton Event - Coach Education Course in Dublin and said that it changed his perspective about Para badminton, as he explains. 

- The learning environment, the structure of the course, the pedagogical tools used by the presenters and, above all, the companionship between all the attendees were key for a successful event and one that was central for my personal and professional training as a badminton coach.

Events like these not only have the potential to have a profound personal effect on an individual, they often have a positive knock-on effect for the people you will go on to work with. Beatriz Monteiro, an SU5 Para badminton player, under the guidance of Coach Silva, is fast developing into a top star. Monteiro shares how she got involved in the sport and her recent success in South America.

- I started playing Para badminton in 2018 and was classified in the Sport Classes SU5 in Dublin. It was a unique experience that I will always bring with me.

- All my hard work paid off when I achieved the podium in Brazil and Peru, where the best athletes in the world were competing, and that made me even more proud and determined to achieve my goals.

An inspiring experience

We can list a plethora of reasons to attend the event, but hearing from someone who attended the last two BEC Para badminton Events and is organising this upcoming one is invaluable. Patrícia Rosa, PBF Administrator encourages people to attend by saying. 

- I can assure you that this will help with the development and promotion of Para badminton in your countries and it’s definitely an excellent opportunity to collect and share knowledge from the other participants. Attending BEC Para Badminton Events was a very inspiring experience for me and now I’m looking forward to welcoming you towards a closer union of Para badminton in Europe.

Important information

Badminton Europe will be supporting participants with a travel grant. Please check the specific details on the invitation letter. In addition, there will be accommodation and meals during the official duration of the event for all participants.  

Due to the current situation around COVID-19, we strongly emphasise that you do not purchase your flight tickets until you receive a confirmation email from BEC regarding your application to participate. We hope that the situation will improve in the coming months. Despite the unpredictable situation, we still urge you to send in your application(s).

All applications should be sent to us by the Member Association or BEC recognised Para organisation latest by Monday, 22nd June 2020. 

We encourage gender balance in the application to participate. BEC will review the applications and will confirm the participation via the entering body. Only participants who are confirmed by BEC will attend the event. 

If you require any further information please contact Jacob Oehlenschlaeger, BEC Development and High Performance Senior Manager at the Badminton Europe office at


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