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Thyrri and Surrow: We are improving all the time
Date: 11/22/2019 5:13 PM
Published by : Alan Raftery
Day two of the Scottish Open in Glasgow saw Mathias Thyrri and Mai Surrow give a dominant performance in the mixed doubles, taking them into the quarterfinals.

The Danish pair played Germany’s Jan Colin Völker and Eva Janssens and won in straight games, 21-10, 21-9. A match that was a little simpler than their three-game opening round. Asking the pair about this, they stated.

-Yes, it was much better than yesterday, where I didn’t feel I played my best game. Today was quite good, but we also had a lot of faults from the opponents, said Thyrri.

Tomorrow in the quarterfinal, they will face England’s number six seeds, Gregory Mairs and Victoria Williams. 

-I hope we can make it through to the semi-finals, but I know the next game we are playing is going to be very tough. I am very happy at the moment to have made it to the quarterfinal, but tomorrow we will try our best.

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National centre one day
Thyrri and Surrow are not in the national set-up in Denmark, so we asked the pair what motivates them to travel and compete in tournaments around the world. 

-First of all, I love to play badminton. I know we have some goals that we want to achieve. So, we play and hopefully we will go to the national centre one day, explained Thyrri.

-We are trying to make it into the top fifty. It is our first season playing together, so we have a lot of work to do. We are improving all the time. If we make it to the top fifty, we will be very happy, Surrow added. 

For the full results and fixtures, click here. 

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