Erasmus+ Sport 2018 – 2020 B4ALL (Badminton for All) project in Paris
Date: 3/28/2019 3:02 PM
Published by : Tania Teoh
The French Badminton Federation hosted the third meeting of the Project Coordination Group for Erasmus+ Sport 2018 – 2020 B4ALL (Badminton for All) project in Paris last week. 

A total of 14 participants attended the meeting from the nine entities which are involved in this project. This project focuses on inclusive badminton where nine organizations around Europe gather to improve and promote inclusivity in badminton.

The nine organizations are: ´The Coordinating Entity – Spanish Badminton Federation and ´Partners´ – Chamartín Badminton Club, Italian Badminton Federation, French Badminton Federation, Badminton Finland, Polytechnic University of Madrid, University of Kent, Badminton Europe Confederation, Spanish High Council for Sport and Spanish Paralympic Committee.

̏It is great to be part of this project and we look forward to assisting the different initiatives that are planned on a European level.  Cooperation and sharing between partners is the future for better development," highlighted Luca Crippa, BEC Junior Manager.

The fourth meeting of the Project Coordination Group is set to be in September 2019 in Finland. For more information about the B4ALL activities, click here

Click here  to see the program of the 3rd meeting
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