Since September, Lauren Smith and Chloe Birch are playing together in Women's Doubles (Credit: Badminton Photo)
- We can compete against the best
Date: 11/20/2018 2:42 PM
Published by : Annika Langrock
The English Women’s Doubles pair, Lauren Smith and Chloe Birch, spoke with Badminton Europe about their new partnership and their ambitions for the future. 

Lauren Smith and Chloe Birch have something in common: Both are playing for the same home country, England. The partnership between the two women is a quite new one. Since September Smith and Birch are competing together at an international level in Women’s Doubles. 

For the first tournament in 2018, the English pair has made a long way to Changzhou, China, where they participated in the VICTOR China Open. In the first round, Lauren Smith/Chloe Birch had to accept a defeat against their strong opponents from China, Du Yue/Li Yinhui. 

A good potential for the future

In the short period of time that Lauren Smith/Chloe Birch have been playing together, they participated in six tournaments. The highlight of the new pair from England: Winning the Li NING Czech Open and reaching the semi-final at the SaarLorLux Open. 

- We are growing at the moment. Women’s Doubles is very physical and, in that sense, both of us are able to compete against the best in the world, Lauren Smith revealed to Badminton Europe. 

- There are a few things, like shot quality, compulsion and defense, which we need to improve. But we have a great potential going forwards, Smith added. 

Comparison with the Stoeva sisters 

As the strongest opponents from Europe at the moment, Lauren Smith and Chloe Birch had to face Gabriela and Stefani Stoeva at the semi-final of the SaarLorLux Open. 

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The Bulgarian sisters are currently the best European Women’s Doubles pair, they are ranked as number nine in the world.

But even though Lauren Smith/Chloe Birch lost after two games (20-22, 8-21) in Germany against the favourite from Bulgaria, Chloe Birch is confident to play at this level in the future:

- The Stoeva sisters are very strong, they have a great partnership. But if they can be ninth in the world, why cannot we be as well. 
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