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Viktor Axelsen out for 6-8 weeks!
Date: 10/25/2018 10:58 AM
Published by : Aidan Jones (BEC)
Viktor Axelsen has been ruled out for at least six weeks due to bruising in the cartilage in his right ankle.

The former World Champion will miss 6-8 weeks of physical activity, meaning he won’t be back on court until at least December.

Nothing has worked yet

Axelsen’s Head Coach Kenneth Jonassen revealed that Axelsen has suffered from the problem for some time and there has not been anything to heal the injury, so far and so Axelsen will take a break.

- It has been a strategic consideration in collaboration with Viktor and Team Denmark's medical staff that he should take a break here in six to eight weeks. Before we knew it was "bone-bruise" he has been training and playing for about two months with pain and it has not been a particularly beneficial solution, said Head Coach Kenneth Jonassen.

- I've been in pain for a few months, and when it's not really improved, you're thinking about it when playing. So now we reached the time when I had to pull the plug and take care of my ankle. Now, luckily, we have put a plan together, which hopefully can bring me back, commented Viktor Axelsen.

No title defence for the Dane

Axelsen will now miss defending title victories in the season finals which take place 12-16 December 2018.

Jonassen states that Axelsen will start an eight-week rehabilitation plan which will make him ‘hopefully’ as strong as possible for the new year.

The Badminton Star meanwhile believes that it is the right decision to take a break having had a history of this situation in the past.

- Viktor has been daring to pull the plug and give his ankle peace. It is hard to accept that he will not defend his two victories in the season finale and the last tournaments of the year on the World Tour. 

- You cannot compete, against the best if you are injured. So now he gets an eight-week rehabilitation plan, which we are expected to help him to be the strongest possible in the new year. January 2019 is the goal that he can be free from these flaws, said Kenneth Jonassen.

- It's an investment to get back on track. I am a player who needs to spend a lot of hours in badminton and train out there. Now I know that I have something to follow and it's nice to have previous experiences and knowing that a break can be the right decision and I can be better afterwards, added Viktor Axelsen.
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