Constantinos Constantinou at the FZ FORZA Irish Para-Badminton International. Photo credit: Cyprus Badminton Federation
A first for Cyprus
Date: 8/14/2018 12:39 PM
Published by : Tania Teoh

Cyprusʼ first para-badminton player - Constantinos Constantinou contended at two BWF Para-Badminton Internationals this year so far. He took part in the Spanish Para-Badminton International (6-11 March) and the FZ FORZA Irish Para-Badminton International (20-24 June).

Constantinou received a ʽRʼ status from the BWF Classification team in both tournaments and is eyeing to be classified as ʽCʼ - ʽConfirmedʼ for the next tournament. Status ʽRʼ in the classification means that the new player is under ´Review´. Constantinou was categorized in the Standing Lower 4 (SL4) Sport Class at both classifications and for him to be classified as ʽConfirmedʼ, the BWF Classification Team would require more medical documents from Constantinou.

European Senior Championships beats record for number of entries

Taking baby steps

ʺI have to make some X-rays exams for my ankle. We have to do them, so I can complete my classification and gain the right to participate and continue my fight to qualify for the Paralympic Games. The nearest tournament (in Europe) in which I could be classified again is in France during the European Para-Badminton Championships in October, ˮ Constantinou explained.

ʺThe tournament (in Dublin) was great. It was very organized, and it is my honor to participate in such events. The feeling was amazing to compete with other players and of course I want to participate in more tournaments. I also know that I need more practice. Sometimes my leg gets swollen after work and makes practice impossible. I will try and commit myself, though, in a more systematical and professional training, ˮ Constantinou added.

ʺWe are very happy as a federation that Constantinos has been approved and classified to be able to take part in para-badminton tournaments. It was in our goals and finally we made the first step. We will support Constantinos and I am sure that he will be a great example for para-badminton in Cyprus, ˮ Nephie Economidou, General Secretary of the Cyprus Badminton Federation on their support towards developing para-badminton in Cyprus.

Positive about the future

Constantinou is certainly very enthusiastic and motivated to do better. At the FZ FROZA Irish Para-Badminton International, he won both his matches against Bobby Griffin (ENG) and Tim Haller (GER), both higher ranked SL4 players in Menʼs Singles.

ʺI am sure with some physiotherapy sessions included and professional guidance, things will go better. If I get a final completed classification I will probably look for a different job that will enable me to train even better.  At the moment I really feel that my condition is way beyond the level that it should be. I get really tired in big rallies.  If I manage to improve in this part of my training, I think that I can succeed in my short term goal which is to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. The most important thing right now is to improve on my fitness, ˮ Constantinou shared.

For new female para-badminton players trying to be classified, read about the Women in Badminton Scholarship application here.

Status ´R´- Review

Players who received status ´R´ after their classification means that he/she must undergo the reclassification process again in the next tournament that they intend to compete. There is no time bound as to when the player needs to be reclassified again. The reason for receiving status ´R´ can be but not limited to - inadequate medical information, inadequate information to tie the player in the Sport Class, border line between upper and lower class, progressiveness of the impairment etc. 

To have a more detailed understanding on the classification process, write to or visit the BWF´s Classification webpage here.

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