Elvira Richter won two medals for Germany in the +70 category. (Photo: BadmintonPhoto)
79 medals for Europe
Date: 9/18/2017 5:04 PM
Published by : Emma Lollike
The European players return to their home countries with 79 medals.

BWF World Senior Championships 2017 was organized from 11-17 September in Cochin (India) and the European players made sure that Europe was the most winning continent. 

The Asian nations scrapped together a total of 75 medals, which brings Europe at the top of the medalists count. The European medal harvest consisted of; 24 of gold, 22 of silver, 33 of bronze. 

Germany’s Heidi Bender sat the standard high, once again, with 3 medals of gold in +55, just like she did at the previous World Senior Championships in 2015. 

+70 World Champions 
Elvira Richter of Germany (pictured above) can call herself 'world champion' in women’s singles +70 after she won the final against Sumiko Kaneko; 21-15, 20-22, 21-10. Futhermore, Richter also received a bronze medal in women’s doubles with her partner Elisabeth Schonfeld.

Jim Garreth from England won medals in all the events of that age category. Gold in men’s singles, silver in men’s doubles with Ray Sharp, and he topped it off with a gold in mixed doubles with Susan Awcock. as he won the men’s singles in the same age category including the mixed doubles event. He topped

Among the European countries, England walked away as the most winning nation with 34 medals in total.  Germany, Denmark, Russia and Sweden followed with 13, 11, 9 and 8, respectively.

Find the newly crowned world champions below or click here to see all the medallists.

+35: 10 European medals
MS GOLD: Stanislav Pukhov [1] – Russia
WS GOLD: Olga Arkhangelskaya [2] – Russia
WD GOLD: Olga Arkhangelskaya/Maria Koloskova [2] – Russia
XD GOLD: Stanislav Pukhov/Maria Kolosova – Russia

+40: 8 European medals
WS GOLD: Claudia Vogelgsang [2] – Germany
WD GOLD: Louise Culyer/Dorte Steenberg [2] – England/Denmark
XD GOLD: Carsten Loesch/Dorte Steenberg [1] – Denmark

+45: 13 European medals
WS GOLD: Csilla Gondane Florian [1] – Hungary
WD GOLD: Tracey Middleton/Joanne Muggeridge [1] – England
XD GOLD: Nick Ponting/Julie Bradbury [1] – England

+50: 10 European medals
WD GOLD: Betty Blair/Debora Miller [1] – England

+55: 9 European medals
WS GOLD: Heidi Bender [1] – Germany
WD GOLD: Birte Bach Steffensen/Heidi Bender [1] – Denmark/Germany
XD GOLD: Bobby Ertanto/Heidi Bender [1] – Indonesia/Germany

+60: 11 European medals
MS GOLD: Dan Travers [1] – Scotland
WS GOLD: Christine M Crossley [1] – England
MD GOLD: Sergey Bushuev/Vladimir Koloskov – Russia
XD GOLD: Ian M Purton/Christine M Crossley [2] - England

+65: 7 European medals
WS GOLD: Betty Bartlett – England
MD GOLD: Peter Emptage/Graham Holt [2] – England
WD GOLD: Betty Bartlett/Eileen M Carley [1] – England

+70: 11 European medals
MS GOLD: Jim Garrett [1] – England
WS GOLD: Elvira Richter [1] – Germany
XD GOLD: Jim Garrett/Susan Awcock [2] – England

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