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The harsh reality of COVID-19 and chasing the Olympic dream
Date: 3/5/2021 11:07 AM
Published by : Alan Raftery
The Swiss Open 2021 is in full swing, but one player who was excited to get on court and play unfortunately has a hotel quarantine instead. We call in to speak with Mariya Mitsova to learn how she is dealing with this tough news. 
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On the opening day of the Swiss Open 2021, BWF announced that the Bulgarian number one, Mariya Mitsova , is withdrawn after an entourage member tested positive for COVID-19. Mitsova was identified as a close contact of the entourage member and has been asked to quarantine in the official hotel.

Mitsova explains the difficulties and uncertainties around even just getting to the tournament, and then how she learnt of the news. 

-It was all fine until the first day when we got our test really late. They were delayed and we could hear from all the other teams that they got their results in five or six hours. We had been waiting already 24 hours and still no results. So then we began to figure out that something is not okay with our team. 

-Then we got the news late Monday evening, and when I knew the person who has COVID-19, I was definitely sure I am out. 

The stakes are high
Being an Olympic year, and the Swiss Open 2021 being the first tournament back that counts towards the Race to Tokyo, it is an important one all-round. However, perhaps not more so than for Mariya Mitsova who is in the tightest of battles with fellow Bulgarian Linda Zetchri. 

Mitsova is ranked 64 on this list, while Zetchiri just two places and only 116 ranking points behind is at 66. Mitsova, 24, is aiming to reach her dream and qualify for her first Olympics. Despite this tough setback, other players have been supportive and she explains how she is trying to remain upbeat and get through it. 

-It’s not the best period of my life… This uncertainty is the worst thing about it. I am very controlling and I want to have everything planned out, to know what each day I am doing and where I am. It’s not in my nature, I do not like chaos. 

-I think this is perhaps the biggest lesson for me, that not everything is in my control. I just have to accept it and move on, Mitsova added thoughtfully. 

One thing that is also out of Mitsova’s control is the test which will determine whether she can begin to look forward to the prestigious All England Open. 

We wish Mitsova and the Bulgarian team all the very best and thank her for being so open and sharing her experience with fans during this challenging time. 

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