Photo by Mark Phelan for Badminton Europe: Murad Bayramov at European Junior Championships in Mulhouse, April 2017.
Murad Bayramov joins the Centre of Excellence
Date: 8/9/2017 9:04 AM
Published by : Emma Lollike
Badminton Europe is proud to announce that Murad Bayramov from Azerbaijan is the 8th player for the upcoming Centre of Excellence (COE). 

Bayramov, 18, started to play badminton when he was a little kid and has just kept going ever since. Today, he is officially a part of the Centre of Excellence-squad.

“It is a big chance to participate at the Centre of Excellence. I will get a great practice and it will be helpful for my future achievements.”, Bayramov says about the announcement.

He is looking forward to getting started in Holbaek as the centre will help him to improve his skills and play a significant role in his future career. The hope is that he will strengthen his game and qualify for different tournaments at a higher level.

Furthermore, joining the centre will open doors not only for Murad’s future, but for all Azerbaijani badminton players. Bayramov is finishing high school in Azerbaijan, where he trains six times a week for a total of 18 hours. All of this, to achieve his long-term goals; to participate at the Olympics and win the World Championships.

We wish Murad Bayramov and the seven other COE players the best of luck in Holbaek. The coaching squad is ready to welcome them from 1 September.

Go to Badminton Europe’s website to learn more about the COE-project and read all the previous announcements by clicking here.

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