Information - 2015 BEC Awards

Since 2011 Badminton Europe has recognized individuals or projects with the BEC Women in Badminton Award. This year Badminton Europe would like to also recognize coaches and technical officials who significantly contributed with their work and enthusiasm to develop our sport.  For the 2015 BEC Awards you are invited to send your nominations for the following categories:
Please click on the name of the category you are interested in to see the requirements.

Award presentation

The awards will be presented during the 4th BEC Awards Gala Evening on 16th April 2016 in Podcetrtek, Slovenia. The winner will be invited to attend the Awards Gala Evening with flights and accommodation paid by BEC.

  • 15th March 2016 -  Deadline to send nominations
  • 16th April 2016  -  Announcement of the winners 

Please submit the nomination form  to no later than 15th March 2016.
For further information please contact Brian Agerbak, BEC General Secretary at