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A new edition of the ADVANCE Coaching Education has begun!
Date: 6/20/2024 4:34 PM
Published by : Mari Carmen Casermeiro (BEC)
The latest edition of the ADVANCE coaching education program has officially started.

Initially developed in 2022 through the Erasmus+ project in collaboration with a dedicated project consortium, the ADVANCE coaching education program made its debut in 2022-2023. (For further details, click here).

This summer, 16 ambitious coaches, eager to take their careers to the next level, gathered at the RSL BEC Centre of Excellence facilities. They are set to embark on an enriching 10-month journey, representing countries including Poland, Portugal, Spain, England, Ireland, Finland, Estonia, Czechia, Belgium, Slovakia, and The Netherlands.

Lucia Galvin, Spanish coach and ADVANCE participant, shares her first impression of the course : “I was really looking forward to this course because I believe these activities are the best way to share experiences and knowledge with fellow coaches. Even though we're only in the first part of the course, we've already had numerous discussions from which I've gained invaluable insights to apply back home”.

Guided by a team of experienced tutors led by Jacob Oehlenschlaeger, Kenneth Larsen, and Jeroen van Dijk, the participants will dig into a comprehensive curriculum. 

“I have a really good feeling and impression with this group of promising coaches. They seem totally committed and involved from the very beginning of the course. We look forward to taking on a journey that will elevate their coaching skills and most likely change their coaching philosophy”. 

The program covers a wide range of topics, such as coaching philosophy, tactical and technical awareness, ethical and caring coaching under the banner of "The Excellent Kids Coach," communication styles, learning theories, and much more.

For an in-depth look at the complete education program, click here.

An exciting new chapter in coaching education has just begun, and a close look will be kept on the 16 main coaches who have embraced the ADVANCE challenge. It is hoped that ADVANCE will positively transform their way of thinking and equip them with new tools and methodologies to be put into practice in their daily routines.

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