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20th anniversary for Brian Agerbak
Date: 2/1/2023 3:33 PM
Published by : BEC Office
On 1 February in 2003, Brian Agerbak started his journey as a General Secretary at Badminton Europe. He took that position at only 28 years, being the only employee of the Confederation, and his passion for badminton still drives his daily work life 20 years later.

The Dane started playing badminton at a young age and over the years got to know many different perspectives within the sport, for example as a course instructor of various development programs in Denmark or as a national coach of the Cyprus Badminton Federation.

At Badminton Europe, Agerbak was the leading figure who modernized the organization at all levels and shaped it into a business oriented enterprise. Significant partnerships, such as with the leading badminton brand YONEX, to steadily raise standards for all European Championships and with media partners ensuring European badminton being displayed worldwide on TV and securing the Confederation a significant commercial revenue, were established.

He pioneered the process of bringing all European members closer together and strengthening cohesion in the Confederation in the long term.

Under his leadership, the BEC Office has continued to grow and now has sixteen employees in its own office premises as well as running a European Training Centre, the BEC Centre of Excellence. Agerbak’s long-time companions look back fondly on their years together:

“I have been working with Brian in all of his 20 years of service to BEC and I would like to commend his competence, availability, and extraordinary sense of duty. It has been a privilege to rely on him to manage our office so well and I hope we can count on his work for many more years”, says João Matos, Acting President of Badminton Europe.

“Having worked alongside Brian for more than 16 years has indeed been a privilege and an ever-learning experience. He deserves a lot of respect and recognition for where he has taken the organization and for what he has meant to badminton in Europe and worldwide. Badminton Europe has become a recognized organization because of him, and even though he does not like to be center of attention, he does indeed deserve every credit for the past 20 years”, says Jimmy Andersen, Deputy General Secretary.

On behalf of the Badminton Europe Staff and Board of Directors:

Congratulations on your 20th anniversary, Brian.
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