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Human of Shuttle Time
Date: 11/8/2022 2:27 PM
Published by : BWF Development & Shuttle Time
Shuttle Time National Coordinator of Bulgaria

I was born in a small but very beautiful town with many sport traditions. During my school years I was involved in various physical activities -- basketball, volleyball, football, chess, and even Bulgarian folk dances. In my hometown there are many sports grounds, some of which are located in scenic parks. That’s why my friends and I had an active sports childhood, full of games and sports every day.

Tryst With Badminton

I found badminton in my hometown. Many national and international players started playing badminton from the club there. This town hosts national and international badminton tournaments, where I made many friends from various countries. I started training seriously after becoming a student in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

First Impressions 

When I saw badminton for the first time, I was impressed that the shuttle moves so fast. I liked that this sport is played in different disciplines -- singles, doubles and mixed doubles. This way players can play with all their friends.

Developing Badminton in the Community 

After I started training badminton seriously, I joined the Bulgarian badminton family. I met the staff of the Bulgarian Badminton Federation and presented my ideas for the development of badminton in Bulgaria. Together we have built a new digital vision of badminton in our country. This is how I became the Digital Manager of the Bulgarian Badminton Federation. I was happy to be made the Coordinator of the Shuttle Time programme in Bulgaria. I am also national umpire.

Memorable Moments

In cherish all the cities and countries I have visited because of badminton. Being an umpire has allowed me to meet many umpires, players and coaches from different countries. I’ve built many new friendships and it’s always been fun.

Impact of Shuttle Time

The advantage of badminton in my region is that the sport is suitable for playing in any school in the country. Shuttle Time provides teachers with the opportunity to hold outdoor and indoor classes. After the announcement of the first Teachers Course, we had a lot of applicants, and they share that so far there have been almost no training courses for PE teachers for any sport in Bulgaria. Teachers are delighted that the Shuttle Time programme provides teachers with materials on how to conduct lessons, with videos and textbooks.

Lessons from Shuttle Time

The biggest lesson I learned from my work on the Shuttle Time programme is that sports are needed not only by children in schools, but by the entire population of a country. That’s why we all need to help society play sports as much as possible.
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