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BEC Update: Board and Commission Meetings
Date: 11/16/2021 12:21 PM
Published by : Alan Raftery
Physical Board of Directors and Commission meetings took place in Brussels 29-31 October. A welcome return of face-to-face discussions saw enthusiastic discussions around the growth of badminton in Europe. Here are the main outcomes.

There was particularly excitement for these meetings, not only because they were physical and not virtual, but because they were the first opportunity to meet for the five new Commissions; Governance, High Performance, MA Support, Participation and Entertainment. 

Member practices and Badminton Europe’s role to support Members were on the agenda. Discussing the value of inspiration, respecting differences and sustainability. The election process was addressed with emphasis on key attributes to be ambition, values, skills and gender. 

High Performance
Much of the discussions were around High Performance in a global context. The Commission discussed ideas on creating support for the European top players, who can compete for medals at World Championships and Olympic games. The Commission also supported the idea of creating collaboration on a junior level among the top European talents, including training with Asian players and experiencing the culture.

MA Support
The meeting was structured around three main areas. How to promote our support programmes to our Members better? How to support our Members post-Covid and how to value and use the annual Member Survey. The content and structure of the annual Members’ Forum was also discussed.

A core topic was how to achieve reaching 1,5 million registered badminton players in Europe in 2035. Talks were around focusing on current leisure players or new potential players and how players and other people affiliated to badminton can become  registered across Europe. 

There was a brainstorming of ideas to clearly define the badminton product for different target groups and to turn our European Championships into an event better product with a wide spectator interest and media appeal. 

There was also idea generation around increasing the profile of the players and the content value for a digital audience.

Board of Directors
Executive summaries were made for each committee and expected outcomes were given for each commission. 

Allocation of RSL BEC Summer School 2022 was confirmed and the host announcement is subject to a contract being signed. 

The 2024 European Senior Championships was allocated to Dubrovnik, Croatia. For more information click here.

Upcoming meetings
The Board decided to hold online committee meetings from 17-19 November 2021 for it’s six committees; Development, Events, Business, Administration, Governance and International. 

A virtual Board meeting will be held 23 November 2021 following those six committee meetings.

The Board decided to hold physical Board and Committee meetings from 28-30 January 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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