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Great start to a course for the present and future of European coaching
Date: 11/11/2021 9:33 AM
Published by : Sara Gonzalez Martinez (BEC)
The nine former and current players participating in the BWF/BEC Combined 1+2 Course in Kyiv, Ukraine have already had four intense days of learning and exchanging ideas.

Participants are starting to delve into specifics at the BWF/BEC Combined 1+2 Course. Taking place from 8-16 November in Kyiv, Ukraine, the course is on its fourth day already and many topics have been covered so far. 

Players have already got to share information and learn from the experts’ knowledge in the intense on-court and off-court sessions, as well as exchange ideas amongst each other, and BEC Development & High Performance Officer Mari Carmen Casermeiro highlights this aspect of the course.

- It is impressive, the amount of information and knowledge that is being exchanged not only from experts to participants' and vice versa, but also among the participants themselves. Their eagerness to learn is unstoppable, Casermeiro stated.

Learning and sharing
Experts Martijn van Dooremalen and Tom Causer are the ones delivering this BWF/BEC Combined 1+2 Course. Participants are a mixed group of active professional players and former players. 

- Combining different perspectives about coaching with such an experienced group of professional players and former players definitely adds an extra value to the course, Casermeiro said.

On the first day of the course, experts presented the participants with some of the basics on what to coach, how to coach, and why coach. The participants got to learn the essentials and already shared experiences amongst each other. This is something that participant Indra Bagus Ade Chandra, coach and former player, thinks is an attractive part of the course.

- I was really interested in coming to this course because I would like to improve my coaching skills, learning from the experts and from the other participants as well, Ade Chandra said.

The next days have been spent covering topics such as the importance of feeding skills, the different performance factors, the Coach Model, singles and doubles tactics, and have started putting into practice different tasks to see the different progression of technic-tactical skills. Participants have also begun to officially deliver their own sessions.

Different ambitions and motivations
With nine different participants, their motivations to take part in the course are just as diverse as their backgrounds and experience. They are all, of course, moved by an interest in the professional career of coaching, with many having already taken on the role. Player Aram Mahmoud names his father as one of his coaching inspirations, but also considers his future career.

- I am now thinking more about my future. I am still playing, but if I have the chance to be a coach in the future, I will have this knowledge that I will get from these courses. It is very nice of Badminton Europe and Badminton Netherlands to give me this opportunity to be here and work with experienced people and experts that know a lot about badminton in a different way than I do. We can exchange information about badminton and how to coach, Mahmoud explained. 

Tereza Švábíková, player from the Czech Republic, also pointed out some of her reasons to have come to Kyiv to take part in this learning experience.

- I am a player myself and I often end up coaching myself at tournaments, and often at trainings too, so a big motivation is to help myself as a coach so I can train myself. Also, I train some groups and I do not want to do it wrong; I want to do it correctly. This is a big motivation for me. I am young, so I feel like I needed, Švábíková said.

There are still plenty of things to learn for the participants in the remaining days, and soon they will be having the theoretical and practical assessments. 
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