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Yvonne Li, a new leader for a young German team
Date: 10/7/2021 3:33 PM
Published by : Sara Gonzalez Martinez (BEC)
With quite some young talents in the team, Germany is ready to take on the tough challenge that Group A is, and Li feels ready to lead them into delivering some great performances.

The Uber Cup is about to begin this Saturday 9 October and Germany is in Group A, therefore having to face some tough opponents. With reigning champions Japan, as well as France and Indonesia as their rivals in the group stage, the German team will have to fight, and Yvonne Li is optimistic about their chances of showing their strength and enjoying a great experience.

Positive outlook despite strong opponents
The opposing teams have their own strengths, and the German singles player know that well. However, nothing is settled, and she looks forward to stepping on court with a team that presents a blend of experienced and new players. 

- I think all of our opponents are very strong and there is no match where we can be sure that we can win. I think generally the Uber Cup is about getting the experience, and this time around we have five new players who have never played in such an event. 

-It is going to be very exciting. Let’s see how we do with this team and how the chemistry will be, but I am positive that we will have some nice matches, Yvonne Li said.

New role
It seems like with Isabel Lohau out of the picture for now, Li has taken the role of the leader for the German team. Playing the part might come with a lot of pressure, but the singles player feels confident about it and is happy to be a key figure in making sure that the group work together, despite being only 23 years old herself.

- At the training, I am the oldest single player now. I feel old although I am not that old. I guess it is nice to be able to lead the team as the first women’s singles player. I feel excited for team tournaments. 

-I got this role now, but it has changed a bit over the years. First, I did not even play, I just got to be with the team, and now, I try to get everyone together and include everyone so that we can thrive as a team, Li explained.

A desired comeback
She could be getting help on her new role soon, as Isabel Lohau, who left mid-tournament at the Sudirman Cup to undergo a Bundeswehr (Unified armed forces of Germany) training course, will be rejoining at some point.

- Isabel is a very valuable player not only as a good badminton player but also as a team captain. She is the most experienced of all of us and she is always thinking about everyone. You really see that she loves these team events. 

-She was on army duty and now she is coming over just to get some matches and help the German team, and that means a lot. It feels incomplete when Isabel is not here, so we are very excited to welcome her back. 

Young team with a lot to show
Top seeds Japan will prove to be a tough challenge for Germany to reach the final stages; however, Indonesia and France, despite having their own talented players, could give the German team a chance to get some needed wins.

- Our young players do not have that much experience. I know where I stand and the younger ones have potential and can play well already, but they have not met so many good quality players on the tour yet. I do not know how they will do when they play against Indonesia or France. I think we might surprise them, so I cannot really tell how far we will go, but hopefully there will be some exciting matches and we will maybe have a chance.

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