Bartlomiej Mroz at the World Championships in Basel 2019
Mroz back on top form
Date: 3/31/2021 8:56 PM
Published by : Bobby Griffin (BEC)

Twelve months away from competition may have helped Poland’s Bartlomiej Mroz, who has started his Dubai men’s singles campaign with an impressive victory

We caught up with Bartlomiej Mroz today after a stunning 21-1, 21-0 Group D win over Kuwaiti born Al Qallaf Rashed in just 14 minutes. World number four, and currently the fourth ranked player in the SU5 men’s singles Race to Tokyo list was off to a flying start today in Dubai.

One year ago, insiders within Para badminton might have argued that Mroz would deserve a semi-final spot at the forthcoming Paralympics, but no more. And the chance of a bronze medal would be at the toss of a coin for Poland’s Para badminton role model who will continue to struggle against not one, but two Indonesians and one Malaysian who would be vying for gold.

It seems however that Mroz may have used his time wisely over lockdown, and has become a better, stronger, more mature and relaxed version of himself. A recipe that might just serve him well over the coming six months.

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‘I’ve trained hard and also had time to myself’

We asked Bartlomiej Mroz what the last 12 months have been like and whether he feels he is in good enough shape this week in Dubai, he had this to say

- We were locked down initially and I tried to use the time off to focus on my development needs and conditioning needs for my body. It was good time to get stronger and to train against getting injured.

- We were back on court in Poland from the third week of May last year and I’ve been training as usual since then. We had no tournaments so I tried to use the training sessions as a measure to improve every day, he added

- I have also managed to complete my studies and pass my driving license too, so it has been quite productive for me whilst I have been based at home for the last year. And for the first time it felt like I had time to myself, which I haven’t really had before. I enjoyed that, said Mroz

Mroz reflected on the challenge ahead this week and over the coming months, as he takes a look at his main competition for a Paralympic medal for the first time in a year

- Today wasn’t the toughest game, but I really enjoy being here and competing once again. I feel lucky as there are still many countries absent due to the restrictions so I feel privileged to be here.

It will be a difficult tournament with three very strong players in the draw, but I will use it to check my condition and measure my performances and of course I will play the best badminton that I can, said Poland’s poster-boy

- It is also important for me just to be happy when I’m competing here and in Spain next month. We’ve been off for so long, it is important for me just to enjoy competing again so I am going to take it one game at a time and focus on that, added Mroz

Follow the 3rd Fazza Dubai Para badminton international tournament here this week and across our usual platforms. The schedule and results can be found on tournament software here

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