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Thom Gicquel: It depends
Date: 6/17/2020 12:51 PM
Published by : Emilie Sommer (BEC)

Thom Gicquel has despite his young age already won quite a lot of titles and reached just a many finals. 

In 2019 Gicquel and Delphine Delrue reached five finals and won two of them as well at they won a bronze medal at the European Games. A lot of eyes have been on the French mixed doubles and people start to think they could be the new number one in Europe in the future. Speaking about how Gicquel sees it, he says.

- Yes since the start of the olympic qualification we improve a lot with good results and we reach the top15 quiet quickly. We are still young so we can hope to continue to improve and reach the top level. We have a lot of work before be number one in Europe but this is the goal and we believe in it.

- It is nice to hear it. But there is a big step between expectation and to succeed so we have to stay humble and keep working hard.

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Double up

There are not many players who play two categories in the absolute top level. Gicquel is currently ranked as number 15 in mixed doubles with Delphine Delrue and 68 in mens doubles with Ronan Labar, but he believe it is possible to play both categories and maintain a high level. 

- I think it is possible to be at the top level in 2 categories. But right now I’m focusing on mixed and it’s working quite well so I will continue like that until Tokyo 2021. After that I don’t know, I like to play double and I think I can do good things as well so we will see with the coaches to take the right decision. 

But what does Gicquel sees himself as? Men’s or mixed doubles player?

- It depends when I win in men’s doubles or in mixed doubles. I don’t think I am a men’s doubles player or a mixed doubles player I think I have qualities that fits with both categories.

Often fans believe that mixed doubles and doubles partners are best friends or maybe even more. Talking about how his relationship is with Delrue, he says. 

- Delphine and I are good friends. We know each other since a long time and we lived a lot of good moments together. We have a really good relationship.

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