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Marcus Ellis: Disappointing but absolutely necessary
Date: 6/16/2020 10:22 AM
Published by : Emilie Sommer (BEC)

Marcus Ellis and his mixed partner Lauren Smith played very well at the All England Open 2020, which was the last tournament to be played before everything were shut down. 

Since March most things have been shot down due to COVID-19, but venues and gyms have begun to slowly open up again making it possible for the players to train again. Speaking of how the last months has been, Ellis says. 

- I have really mixed feelings about the last 2 months. Most of me misses the normality of life and of course I want to get playing badminton again which hasnt been possible. The other part of me feels happy for a break from travelling and to be in one place for a few weeks. The olympic qualifying period was tougher than I expected so having this time has helped me recover.

As everyone knows the Olympic Games has been postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19. But how have things changed for Ellis in this situation?

- The Olympics being postponed was disappointing but absolutely necessary. It does not change much for me at all. I still want to be there representing Great Britain in whatever event I qualify for. If anything, it has given me time to take a breath and get ready for the next challenges ahead. 

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Physically hard

Playing two categories, mixed doubles with Lauren Smith and men’s doubles with Chris Langridge, is definitely not easy. It requires a good physical shape to be able to play that many matches and sometimes more days in a row. Maybe the break from tournaments is not only a bad thing. 

- My goal is to qualify for the Olympics in both events and it has definitely been harder physically than I thought. I have had periods in the last year when I have struggled with injuries more than ever before so a small rest is not the worst thing in the world! 

At the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 Marcus Ellis and Chris Langridge surprised everyone by winning the bronze medal beating Chai Biao and Hong Wei from China in the bronze match. Next year in Tokyo they might be a pair to look out for. 

- I am still very ambitious and feel I have more to contribute to Badminton regardless of what I have achieved. I have been much more relaxed this time around as I know that a qualification period if full of ups and downs and to not stress myself is the most important thing. 

- I still dont think people are looking at us! We will qualify (hopefully!) in very similar position to last time so we again will be the unexpected pair. It is fine for us but we always seem to thrive in multi sport environments so who knows what lies ahead! 

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