Updates on tournament status for 2020 season
Date: 6/4/2020 3:26 PM
Published by : BWF

Following the release of the revamped tournament calendar for the remainder of the 2020 season, the Badminton World Federation (BWF) can announce further changes to the status of tournaments in this period – including a number of HSBC BWF World Tour events.


The fast-changing landscape of the COVID-19 situation has meant that BWF and its Member Association hosts have maintained frequent communication to determine the feasibility of staging each tournament on a case-by-case scenario, based on the latest information from local authorities.


BWF Secretary General Thomas Lund said: “Circumstances have and will continue to change in certain countries and territories and therefore BWF may be required to make further updates to the status of tournaments as and when necessary.


“These changes announced today are necessary but do not directly impact the new BWF Tournament Calendar 2020, which was created to allow for changes as part of our framework for badminton’s potential return.”


Notable Changes


  • The CROWN GROUP Australian Open 2020 (HSBC BWF World Tour - Super 300) is now cancelled. It carried “suspended” status until BWF and Badminton Australia could find suitable replacement dates. Both parties have since agreed it is not feasible to hold the tournament at a later date in 2020. The tournament was due to take place 2-7 June.


  • BWF and Badminton Association of India have agreed to cancel the Hyderabad Open 2020 (11-16 August) – a Super 100 on the BWF Tour.


  • The GWANGJU Korea Masters 2020 (HSBC BWF World Tour - Super 300) scheduled for 24-29 November is also cancelled. Badminton Korea will host the Korea Open 2020 (8-13 September) in Week 37.


Lund added: “I would like to thank all Member Association hosts for their patience, cooperation and consultation in this process.


“Health, safety and movement restrictions are now quite varied across the globe as certain countries and territories slowly return to a new normal.


“We will continue to adjust to these changes to ensure any badminton activity 100% complies to the rules and regulations of the World Health Organization (WHO), local health authorities, and international and domestic travel restrictions.


”The revamped calendar is the main planning tool for hosts to organise tournaments and players to compete again. We need the support and perseverance of all to get our ecosystem back to normal.”


Three tournaments still remain suspended. An announcement on these will be made in due course.


Suspended Tournaments


  • YONEX German Open 2020 (3-8 March)
  • YONEX Swiss Open 2020 (17-22 March)
  • 2020 European Championships (21-26 April)

The updated BWF Tournament Calendar 2020 is available online.

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