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Blichfeldt: I will give anything to play badminton
Date: 3/19/2020 12:08 PM
Published by : Alan Raftery
With everyone’s plans on hold and lives impacted by precautions taken by governments around the world, it is warming to see the great spirited reaction from humanity. Sharing positivity and advice to help each other through online content and messages. 

One such player active on social media is Mia Blichfeldt. She is sharing fitness and training tips online that you can do at home. The 22-year-old European Games gold medallist has found the changes tough, but is not letting it get her down, as she says. 

-It is a little bit stressful if not a lot because I feel like I am unemployed. I have borrowed a bike so I can do some cardio in my apartment and some equipment to do some gym work. I think it is fine for now, but in a few days, I am sure that I will give anything to play badminton. 

Fingers crossed
Moments like these are also times to reflect and appreciate the people closest to you, as Blichfeldt explains. 

-Right now, I am only seeming my family and closest friends, we are not doing the things we use to do, so it is actually quite nice to be creative and find new stuff or old stuff to do. We are trying not to be on our phone too much. 

The top Danish women’s singles player needs to keep her momentum going forward, so has come up with a backup plan for her training.

-My coach and I have made a plan for the next two weeks and unfortunately, we are thinking four to six weeks into the future too. Hopefully it is not going to be that long without badminton. Fingers crossed. 

Lastly, Blichfedlt talks about why she feels that remaining positive is important. 

-I am trying to stay positive and optimistic as I normally try to do. I do not believe that negativity will help me or anyone else in this situation. We just have to face the fact that we cannot control this situation!

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