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Membership Exchange Programme: You will go home knowing that you can also do it
Date: 3/18/2020 4:33 PM
Published by : Alan Raftery
Irish poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde, once said, ‘the only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself‘. The sharing of knowledge is pivotal for the continued growth and development of our sport. Initiatives like the Member Exchange Programme provide a great platform for Member Associations to do just that. 

Badminton Europe (BEC) would like to invite Member Associations (MAs) to participate in the Member Exchange Programme (MEP), introduced last year under the BASIS Programme. The aim of this programme is to enable Member Associations (MAs) to share and learn best practises from each other. 

The Badminton Association of Slovenia will host the MEP in Podcetrtek during the 2020 BEC RSL Summer School on Friday, 10 July 2020. The topics for this MEP are:

-How to host European Championships with limited funding?

-What is needed to host the BEC Summer School?

Come to Podcetrtek to hear and see how things are going
As well as exchanging knowledge, these events help enhance skills and extend badminton networks of both the hosting and participating MA.

Tadej Seme, President and Matevz Srekl, General Secretary of the Badminton Association of Slovenia will be the main presenters while BEC Director, Andrej Pohar will be the moderator for the session. 

Matevz Srekl explains how it came about that Slovenia will be hosting the MEP in 2020. 

-After my visit for the Member Exchange Programme in Paris, I got an idea that we could also offer and share our knowledge. I would like to invite all of you to come to Podcetrtek to hear and see how things are going. You will go home knowing that you can also do it.

We strongly encourage our MAs to send in their application 
Tania Teoh, Development & High Performance Manager for Badminton Europe, shares her delight that Slovenia stepped forward as hosts.  

-It is great to see that Badminton Association of Slovenia is willing to share their experiences and expertise on the BEC activities that they have organised. To date, they have organised six editions of the BEC Summer School (2012, 2015 – 2019) and two European Championships; European U17 (2009) and European Senior Championships (2016). I am sure that the participants planning to attend this MEP will receive plenty of important information from the key persons from the association.

Tania Teoh adds an important comment on the current world news and it‘s impact on such events. 

-Although we are in a very unpredictable situation now due to the situation with COVID-19, I still strongly encourage our MAs to send in their application and I do hope that the MEP will take place in July.

How to attend
MAs that wish to participate are kindly requested to complete the application form ´Membership Exchange Programme Application Form 2020 - To Participate´ and sign the Membership Exchange Programme Agreement - Participating MA´. We encourage a gender balance in the application to participate. Please send your application to Tania Teoh at by Monday, 5 May 2020 before 12:00 CET if you wish to participate.

BEC will review the applications and coordinate with the relevant MA(s) in order to plan a productive and suitable exchange. BEC has the right to accept or decline the applications by taking different aspects into considerations.

If you have enquiries on the Membership Exchange Programme (MEP), please feel free to contact Tania Teoh, BEC Development & High-Performance Manager at the email address above.

We look forward to receiving your applications! 

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