BEC Athletes’ Commission election
Date: 1/9/2020 12:18 PM
Published by : Alan Raftery
During the 2020 European Men’s & Women’s Team Championships the election for the BEC Athletes’ Commission will be conducted. The BEC Athletes’ Commission is formed by four members and the Chair shall be a full voting member of BEC Board and be an ex-officio Member of all BEC Commissions. One member, Richard Perot (FRA), was already elected into the BEC Athletes’ Commission, when he was elected as the Para badminton representative during the World Para badminton Championships in August 2019.

Currently Richard Perot is joined by Kai Schäfer (chair, GER), Selena Piek (NED) and Ernesto Velazquez (ESP) to form the BEC Athletes’ Commission, but the term of the three latter mentioned will end in connection with the European Men’s & Women’s Team Championships. All of them can stand for election for another term if they wish to do so.

“The voice of the players is essential in our sport, and since the players were first included into the commissions and the Board of Directors, the cooperation has improved significantly. It is very important that the political level understands and appreciates the opinions of the players – and vice versa. Having a player representative around the table improves the important collaboration, and I am looking forward to see the outcome of the elections in France, and to see the formation of the new Athletes’ Commission”; said BEC President, Peter Tarcala. “I hope that the European players will continue to embrace this opportunity and put their name forward for the election, to an even greater extent than what we saw at the first election in 2016, so that they can be part of developing the game of badminton in Europe, and in the world.”

The procedure for the election of the BEC Athletes’ Commission 2020-2024 will be:

21 January 2020        Deadline for nominations
23 January 2020        Deadline to make nominations public
12 February 2020      Deadline for e-mail voting at midnight CET
13 February 2020      Players meeting and official voting at the European Men’s & Women’s Team Championship in Lievin, France

Nominations for the BEC Athletes’ Commission shall be made to the BEC General Secretary.

To be eligible for election to the BEC Athletes’ Commission, an “Eligible Player” a person must:

  • be representing a Member Association of BEC and be in good standing with his or her Member Association; and
  • be at least 18 years of age and must not have been sanctioned for a doping or a betting, wagering or irregular match offence during his or her sports career; and be an active player
where an active player is defined as:
  • A player who is present on the World Ranking List at the time of his or her election; and/or
  • A player who has participated in any of the latest European Championships, European Mixed Team Championships, European Men’s & Women’s Team Championships and/or the Olympic Games

To read more information regarding the BEC Athletes’ Commission – click here 

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