(Mr Ntinos Michaelides, Mr Brian Agerbak and Mr Efthymios Polydorou)
Representative Visit Cyprus
Date: 12/19/2019 10:46 AM
Published by : Emilie Sommer (BEC)

The Representative Visits provide MAs with an opportunity to receive direct BEC support in the form of a visit (or visits) from a BEC representative to their country. The Representative Visit is also an opportunity to further develop the relationship between the MA and the BEC Office staff. 

Back on the 10th of October to the 13th of October such a visit was held in Nicosia, Cyprus, where Governance was the main area. 

Brian Agerbak, General Secretary from Badminton Europe Confederation (BEC), attended the visit and during his stay there were opportunities to meet with key people from Cyprus Badminton Federation (CBF) and Sport of Badminton with CBF’s Board Members, National Coach and Officials from all the Sports Spectrum in Cyprus. 

The points that CBF acquired from the Representative Visit were:

- Para badminton

- Badminton Sports Writers Training Opportunities

- BEC Official Venues Certification

During the Representative Visit there were a meeting with the CBF Board, meeting with the Athletic Schools Officials and a meeting with the Committee of International Events. Also, Brian Agerbak attended the Li-Ning Cyprus International tournament. 

(Mr Efthymios Polydorou, Mr Phivos Zachariades and Mr Brian Agerbak)

Happy General Secretary

During his visit, Brian Agerbak gave his input to prominent names like:

Mr Ntinos Michaelides, President, Cyprus Olympic Committee (KOE)

Mr Herodotos Herodotou, President, Sport Writers Association (EAK)

Mr Phivos Zachariades, Sports Advisor of President of the Cyprus Republic

Mr Andreas Georgiuo, Secretary General, Cyprus National Paralympic Committee

Mr Andreas Michaelides, President, Cyprus Sports Organization (KOA)

Mr Andronikos Andonikou, Board Member, Cyprus Sports Organization (KOA)

Mr Efthymios Polydorou, President of Cyprus Badminton Federation

(Mr Efthymios Polydorou, Mr Brian Agerbak, Mr Andreas Michaelides and Mr Andronikos Andonikou)

and the General Secretary is happy that Badminton Europe can give their input on the development of the sport in Cyprus. 

- I think that the visit was excellent in terms of meeting relevant authorities and to support initiatives of the Federation towards these institutions.

- Next to this it was relevant to visit the tournament and to meet with many representatives of the Federation to discuss their different working areas and challenges, he added. 

Brian Agerbak encourages other Member Associations to apply for a Representative visit.

A word from the President

The president from CBF, Efthymios Polydorou, was satisfied about the Representative Visit and had this to say about the program. 

- We are fully convinced that such programs like Basis are really useful, especially for Small Badminton Federations, since they give the opportunity to both sides, BEC and Federations, to exchange ideas during these on site meetings for upgrading the cooperation and thus the efficiency of their actions through different synergies.

If you are interested to apply for a Representative Visit, please contact Tania Teoh, BEC Development and High Performance Manager at for more information. The application is open all year through.

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